How to Keep Kids Entertained During Long Flights


Many parents find the idea of long flights with children intimidating. With travel patterns shifting, more families are flying together. In a study from 2023, it was found that 81% of parents are planning to fly with their children within the upcoming year, highlighting the need for effective methods of keeping kids busy during flights.

When you are stuck in a small seat for many hours, it tests your patience and creativity. Yet, if you plan well and use clever ideas, the flight can be enjoyable for all family members.

Plan Ahead for Entertainment

To make sure your flight goes smoothly with the little ones, it’s crucial to plan their entertainment in advance. While it might seem easy to rely on what’s available onboard, it’s smart to bring along different activities to keep them interested during the trip. Even before you book your tickets, check out a Google Flights guide to help you find the best deals, so you can spend more time on entertainment and essentials.

Doing your homework ahead of time not only helps you save money but also ensures you have plenty of entertainment choices that match your child’s interests, making the flight more enjoyable for everyone.

Snack Attack

A key tactic for maintaining happy, engaged children on lengthy airplane rides is to make sure they have plenty to eat and drink. A diverse selection of snacks will not only prevent hunger but also serve as a useful diversion.

Choosing nourishing snacks such as sliced fruits, trail mix, and granola bars helps keep their energy consistent and minimizes any crankiness due to sugar spikes. Packing both savory and sweet treats gives you various choices to meet different tastes and desires, helping ensure your child remains content during the flight.

Creative Activities

Instead of just snacks, bringing along some fun things to do can keep your child entertained and get their creative juices flowing. Coloring books, puzzles, and small craft kits are perfect for keeping them occupied.

Try playing storytelling or drawing games together to inspire creativity and bring the family closer. Doing activities as a team not only keeps your child happy but also brings everyone closer, making your flight more memorable.

Break Up the Flight

Extended periods of air travel can grow wearying for both children and adults. To stave off restlessness and avoid feeling cooped up, plan frequent intervals for stretching during the trip. Take advantage of these moments to wander to various sections of the plane, make a trip to the restroom, or just walk up and down the aisle to stretch your legs.

Involve your children in short games or activities to keep them engaged and amused. Furthermore, think about packing a compact, travel-friendly toy or game that they can anticipate enjoying during each break.

Engage with the Environment

Enhance your flight by connecting with the world outside. Invite your children to spot landmarks and intriguing sights, encouraging them to stay curious about their surroundings.

Pass the time with games such as “I Spy” or cloud-gazing. Use the flight as a chance to talk about where you’re going and get them excited for the journey ahead. Plus, suggest they capture photos of the scenery from the airplane window to cherish the memories.

Interactive Technology

In our modern era dominated by digital advancements, technology offers a handy solution for entertaining children during extended flights. Equip electronic gadgets with a variety of games, movies, and educational applications to offer endless hours of amusement.

To prevent disturbances to fellow passengers and ensure a pleasant journey for all, it’s wise to invest in headphones tailored for children. Furthermore, explore the option of downloading interactive language-learning applications to involve your child in enjoyable educational endeavors.

Bring Comfort Items

Ensure your kids feel calm and safe during the flight by bringing along items that offer comfort. Pack their favorite blankets, stuffed animals, or toys to give them a sense of security.

Arrange pillows to make a snug space for them to relax, and encourage techniques like deep breathing or gentle massages. Also, think about bringing a small fan or cooling pad to help them stay comfortable and regulate their temperature throughout the trip.

Final Thoughts

While traveling long distances with children might appear intimidating, thoughtful organization and readiness can transform it into a manageable and even pleasurable adventure for everyone.

Prepare in advance by arranging entertainment, packing an assortment of snacks and diversions, and utilizing technology and comforting items to ensure your youngsters remain content and involved during the trip. Don’t forget to schedule regular breaks, interact with the surroundings, and above all, relish the chance to bond as a family. Wishing you a safe journey!

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