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Parents need to be aware of the numerous dangers that face children whenever they use the internet. This article will cover various threats that you should anticipate when your child is online.

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90% of teenagers agree cyberbullying is an issue that needs sorting out. In fact, 60% of children have witnessed cyberbullying on social media. Interestingly, many children will not do anything about cyberbullying. Parents should expect their kids not to say anything to them when they encounter cyberbullying. 

According to some reports, nearly half of young people have received nasty or intimidating messages online, whether when using social media or playing online games. 

Parents need to be able to talk to their children about their daily lives and what they encounter online. Educate your children about the dangers of cyberbullying and what they can do to keep themselves and others safe.

Online Predators

Unfortunately, online predators are very prevalent and a serious risk to your child (the FBI estimate there are more than 500,000 online predators in the US), preying on their naivety and innocence, plus the lack of parental supervision. Groomers and cyber predators can pretend to be younger or friendlier than in real life. Children can be coerced into giving out sensitive information or even meeting these people, which carries very serious dangers. 

As a parent, you need to ensure you know who your children are talking to online and let them know they can come to you or another responsible adult if they are uncomfortable or afraid of somebody online.

Uploading Private Information

Children are more likely to share sensitive information online. This can include their full name, address, school address, phone number, and similar details. People (such as the online predators mentioned above) can use this information for ill means. Unfortunately, children often do not understand the sensitivity of such information and may share it with people they do not know, letting everybody know their home address or vacation plans.

Let your kids know that if you can see sensitive information on their social media page, so can everybody else. Remind them that their posts are public and may cause issues if the wrong people see them.


One of the most common ways scammers get your personal information is through phishing links. These are emails, links, or attachments that put malware and similar viruses onto your computer, which steal your passwords or financial details, compromising your security and potentially leading to trouble.

While adults are usually good at noticing these dodgy messages, children are more prone to falling for them, which is why cybercriminals post these links on websites popular with kids. Ensure your children know never to click on anything sent to them by strangers or messages that seem “off” or strange.

How Can You Protect Your Child From These Dangers

Parental monitoring apps are among the best ways to ensure your children are not subjected to any internet dangers. Many options are available, such as MMGuardian, all offering different tools to keep your children enjoying the internet safely.

These apps can filter extreme, illegal, or simply inappropriate websites, so your children do not accidentally stumble across something they should not be seeing. In addition, you can also use these apps to set a time limit on specific devices. Once the time limit has been reached, your child will not be able to use the device until it resets (unless they need to make an emergency call).

Advanced parental control apps like MMGuardian use AI to monitor your child’s SMS messages and popular social media platforms. If the algorithm notices probable grooming, they send an alert to the parent. These apps also have a phone tracker, which tells you where your child’s device is at any given time, perfect for when your child spends time with their friends on their own.

In addition, these apps will also provide reports about the websites and apps your child has been using, block certain contacts, and you will also receive alerts if your child tries to look at adult content.

Final Thoughts

There are many online dangers. However, the internet also represents an opportunity for children to expand their minds, learn new things, connect with friends, and enjoy themselves. Stay aware of the potential threats and monitor your child’s online activity to help them flourish.

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