How To Install a Countertop Water Filter System [A Step by step guide]


If you are looking for a countertop water filter installation, you need to hire a professional who can guide you through the process. Then, after a few installations, you, too, can claim to be a professional. Have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to install a countertop water filter for your home.

One may find installing a countertop water filter on their own quite tricky. However, it doesn’t require much time, and even before you can make an appointment with a professional, you will have taken care of the countertop water filter by yourself. That’s how easy it is if done right!

When you purchase the countertop water filters, you will find they arrive with a diverter valve. This diverter valve is attached to the faucet. Therefore, you must install a filter next to the kitchen sink to let the water flow. There are two possibilities, either the water will flow through Aquasana, that is, through a second opening on the diverter, or through a separate faucet, which is attached to all models of Crystal Quest and Paragon filters.

Step 1:

The countertop water filter will reach you with everything you need for installation. To start the installation, figure out the right place on the sink where there is enough waterline length to attach the diverter to the faucet. You can connect the diverter to outside threads on the faucet.

Step 2:

You will find an existing aerator where you plan to install the filter. Remove it before installing the filter. Then, if the thread is outside, you do not need any adapter and can easily proceed to the next step.

If you get yourself a designer faucet, chances are you won’t be able to find an adapter that fits the faucet. In such a case, you may require an additional washer that can ensure a tighter and stronger seal.

Step 3: 

In case the thread is inside, you need to get the right size of adapter and washer to screw it to the faucet. Now you need to turn the swivel collar to ensure it is tightened. Finally, you need to position the gasket inside the diverter to secure it between the valve and a faucet.

Step 4:

You can turn the swivel collar and attach the valve to a faucet. This will tighten it so that the gasket is kept securely between the valve and a faucet. 

Step 5:

Now you will see the water go through once you turn it on. This is because you need to run cold water for a few minutes to flush out any carbon found which may be present. The water may taste slightly sweet, or the water may have bubbles, but it is completely normal.

After taking care of all these steps, your countertop water filter system is ready to serve you. You can use it as per our requirements.

Concluding remarks:

Be careful about the leaks, and focus on fixing the slowest leaks, as it can lead to increased trouble later on. Ensure that all the fittings are properly tightened. If you install the countertop water filter once properly, you will not have to worry about getting it fixed after some interval, as is the case with those installations that initially show leaks.

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