How to Impress Guests with your Backyard


It is just amazing what can be done with an uninspiring backyard – with a little imagination and a patio paver or two. These pavers are aggregate shapes made of concrete, stone, and sand under pressure. Arranged on a bed of leveled sand and “grouted” with more sand, they are a quick way to turn a garden into a surprise for the guests at the next party.

Design your garden first

Front yards need curb appeal for neighbors and passers-by. Backyards require the comfort of an outdoor living space regardless of the climate.  Even though the backyard is a private feature, it will have guests from time to time, and the garden sends a message to them, too.

  • Assuming the yard is empty or just a plane of grass, pick a point of focus. Locate the point off-center, but not too far into a corner or too close to a fence or wall.
  • Place something of visual interest in that point of focus – a large urn in a small garden or a gazebo or fire-pit in a larger garden.
  • Plant tall grassy items behind the focus and plan tiers of floral heights in curving beds of flowers. Plant mid-height flowering shrubs behind the blooming beds.

Plan your paths and sitting areas

Existing patios can be refinished or extended with patio pavers. And pavers can turn grass into pleasant conversation areas. It still needs a design plan. Decide whether you prefer straight-lines or curves.

  • Straight-lines are easier to install in a grid step-down from the patio or pavers settled into the grass in a simple straight line towards the point of focus. Grids can use gravel or river stone in between, or color variations can create a pattern or texture on the flat. Rectangular slabs have a crisp modern look.
  • Curves that loosely parallel the edges of the flower beds may prove more interesting, especially if the flowers cover the edges of the patio pavers.
  • Larger yards permit wider paths and larger conversation areas, and larger areas permit edging with different colors or designs.
  • Choose colors that complement or accent the color of the house or bring out the colors of the landscaping with blue, rose, and clay tints. 

Small plans are doable, but more complicated plans need professional installation. Add candlelight and planters in varying shapes and sizes. Scatter lights among the plantings to delight the evening’s guests.

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