Why You Should Include the Men at Your Baby Shower


invite the men to the baby shower

Have you recently made out your guest list for your upcoming baby shower? If so, check over it. Have you invited any male guests? You should! Why, you may ask. Isn’t a baby shower an event typically meant for and geared toward women? Times are different, now. Here are reasons why you should rewrite your guest list to be sure and include men at your baby shower:

  • More and more varied gifts! Including all your friends, no matter their gender, at your baby shower means you receive more gifts to help in your preparation for your baby. It is completely possible that all your female friends may overlook a particular gift, or choose to not buy it from your registry. Inviting more guests means you have a higher chance of receiving all the gifts you want and need to care for your child.
  • You can invite the father, too! When planning a co-ed baby shower, be sure to include the expectant father. Planning such a shower opens him up to the event, meaning he can easily share the memories and event with both his child and his partner in the future. It allows the father, and even his close friends and family, to be more involved with his partner’s pregnancy, which is important when attempting to create a happy, healthy environment for the couple and soon-to-be family. He helped to create the child, why shouldn’t he be there with his friends, too, to celebrate it?
  • Men can help! While at a shower, many expectant mothers and female guests are often charmed by the presence of male guests, and that they are ready and willing to help put together any of the gifts that may need assembly. Instead of having to take all their presents home to assemble, the couple is able to see what the finished product looks like much quicker.

Traditionally, only women have been invited to baby showers. But including men and other couples assures you that your baby shower will be fun, interesting, entertaining, and special. They will enjoy the events just as much as you do, as long as you keep in mind that you are not just planning a party for females. As always, they will also enjoy the opportunity to socialize, and to share food and drinks with the people they love the most. Not inviting men is an outdated tradition. So get out that guest list on more time and get to planning what men you want to attend today.

Heather is an organizational enthusiast.  She channels that energy as an amateur party planner, and occasionally writes about party etiquette and ideas for PaperStyle.

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