How To Have The Best Camping Trip In An RV In Florida


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There are many types of camping trips and one of the best and most sought after are RV camping trips. It is especially good to go on an RV camping trip during the summer as it allows you to keep to a small budget by minimizing transportation costs. Being in an RV will allow you to explore the best attractions in comfort and in style. As long as you follow these tips below you will enjoy your RV camping trip in Arizona! And, after you’ve checked out the tips in this article, be sure to visit this website for renting rv florida options!


Safety comes first, this means you will have to factor in safety considerations into your plan. Traveling in an RV is not a solo effort as you will be with your family. If you are the one planning you have to account for your family members and their needs. It would go a long way if you ensure that you pack extra sanitary supplies such as wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and soap. Packing a first aid kit is important as well in case of any small injuries. If you are the designated driver, you should also plan for another person who can take over the wheel at times so that the driving workload can be distributed to ensure sufficient rest. 

Do your research ahead of time

Secondly, you have to ensure you do thorough research. This goes hand in hand with the previous point on safety as you need reliable and accurate information to make decisions that are safe for everyone. If you are not familiar with any aspect of the trip, then it is your responsibility to find out more information to prevent any unexpected obstacles. You can start by reading up about the RV you are using for the trip as every RV is unique. Furthermore, an RV is very different from a car so you will have to account for the time you might need to adjust to driving a larger vehicle. On-road incidents can be hard to predict, therefore it is important to ensure that you are well equipped with the appropriate tools that will allow you to remedy any minor problem you might encounter. 

Plan your camping route

Along with doing your homework, you should also plan your route in detail. You have to not only chart out the routes you will take but also how much you intend to cover per day. This is important as it will allow you to plan where you will take your rest stops as you will have to book parking spots at the camping grounds. You should also ensure you have multiple copies of your travel plans both digital and physical copies as well as you might encounter cellular dead zones during your journey. 

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Pack well to avoid inconveniences during your trip

Packing well will ensure that you are ready for any potential obstacles and also that you are able to have fun and eat well. You can consider packing items such as clothing, kitchen utensils, and entertainment. Sometimes the small items that you pack can really complete the trip, such as a simple card game or the right cooking utensil to cook the perfect steak. 

However, do not overpack as the RV might have limited space for storage and can potentially  make the place cramp and stuffy. A good rule of thumb would be to stick to packing whatever the storage in the RV can accommodate. Once you find yourself stacking items outside of drawers and cabinets, it could be a sign that you are overpacking. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of the RV as you might find extra storage areas below seats. 

Think about what you want to eat before setting off on your trip

This is probably the most important tip as it pertains to food. Cooking in an RV might look similar to cooking in your home kitchen but it requires a more strategic approach. You might not have the time or resources to cook up a feast all the time, therefore you should be smart in selecting the ingredients you need to make simple and delicious meals for everyone. Minimizing the number of ingredients used per meal can help keep things simple and efficient. You can interspace cooked meals with meals at diners when you do chance upon them.

Keep your RV clean

After cooking, it is imperative you keep the RV in tip-top condition. Cleaning can become a chore after a while especially in a tight space but it will go a long way in ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone. Getting a cheap floor mat can be a quick solution to keep dirt out as it can trap larger chunks of dirt and dust from the exterior and it also makes it easier to clean. You should definitely ensure that you have a broom on board so that you are able to quickly remove any dirt and dust. 

Equipment and entertainment

Ensuring you pack sufficient equipment for outdoor activities is essential as after all that is why you drove the RV all that distance for. Basic equipment such as folding chairs and folding tables will complete your outdoor adventure experience. Other items you should definitely pack include a portable speaker, candles, and LED lights. This will allow you to enjoy the fresh air and sun in the best way possible. The last thing you want is to be confined to the interior of the RV and find it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Be spontaneous 

As much as it is important to be ready and have thorough plans, it is also equally important to be open to spontaneity and impromptu activities. When on a road trip, you might be presented with unexpected pleasant surprises and you then wish you had set aside buffer time to explore a special place or go to a nice restaurant. You might also meet interesting people along the way and spontaneity can allow for meaningful experiences. 


Choosing the right RV for your needs could make or break your trip. Different RVs will have different facilities, hence it is important you look at each model or type of RV closely to ensure that you select the RV that has the right facilities or sufficient space for everyone you are bringing on the trip as well. 

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