How to Prepare a Home for Bed Bug Removal


Once you have determined you have a bedbug infestation, you will need to call a professional company and make an appointment to have your home treated. The next step is to prepare your home so the company can do an effective job. Even if you are considering a DIY treatment, the following will help it to be successful.

Don’t Take Anything out of the House

Don’t move any of your belongings to another home or anywhere else before the treatment. You don’t want to spread bedbugs to another house, your car, or your workplace and then bring your things back and re-infest your home after it has been treated. If you have to move something out of the house, inspect it thoroughly for bedbugs before you do.

Wash Everything

Before having your house exterminated, remove bedding from mattresses and gather linens and clothes. Wash bedding, clothing, and linens in hot water and then dry in the dryer on the highest setting that won’t damage the items. BBEC – Top Bed Bug Exterminators in Columbus recommends drying stuffed toys, towels, and even curtains on a high setting. Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried (like coats and jackets) can either be dry‐cleaned or inspected carefully and then put in the freezer for several days to be sure the bugs are dead. After washing, put everything in storage bins or trash bags. Seal the bins and bags as much as possible to stop bedbugs from getting inside and hiding in the clean fabric. Keep cleaned items separate from things that may still be infested.

Throw Things Out

Any unused or unwanted toys and clothing can be put into a bag, sealed, and thrown in the trash. Get rid of things that are taking up space and will hinder the treatment process.

Tidy the Area and Empty Closets

A house that is messy and crowded is difficult to inspect and treat for bedbugs. Bedbugs are experts at hiding and will find refuge wherever they can, so it’s important to get rid of anything you don’t need.

Inspect or treat all loose items in the house and then double bag them. Move furniture away from walls. Empty all closets in areas where bedbugs have been discovered and closets where linens are stored. You want to be sure the exterminators can get to the places bedbugs might hide.

Inspect Other Items in the House

Carefully inspect anything that can’t be washed. Empty all bookshelves and remove the drawers of your desks, bureaus, and nightstands. Books, appliances, electronic devices, picture frames, and toys can be good hiding places for bedbugs, so go through them thoroughly. When you are sure these items are free of bugs, put them in storage bins or trash bags and seal them up.

It is not uncommon to find bedbugs hiding in the folds of sofas and chairs, so vacuum them well before treatment. If you can, turn everything over and vacuum underneath too. Vacuum your floors and then place the vacuum bag in a sealed double plastic bag before throwing it out so that you don’t spread any bedbugs that were caught.

If you do a little work in advance, your bedbug treatment will have a better chance of success.

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4 years ago

The bed bug is a really irritating thing I have faced earlier so I took a decision to wash the things and finally I got success to remove the bugs. Thank you for sharing.