How To Find The Right Bra Fit In Simple Steps


When you read about women and bra, you will realize that many writers say that women wear the wrong bras. Well, that is not a rumor anymore. It is very true that women make the wrong choices every time they go to purchase a bra. With 85% of women messing up each and every time they make a bra purchase, it is better if all learn about some guidelines or the steps to follow when purchasing a bra.

There are fitting experts like tuffwomen who can easily take you through the all fitting process. After you have gone through all process, you will be able to smile each and every day on your outfits. According to many experts, below are some of the mistakes that so many women make.

  • Not being sure of the style that fits the busts
  • Making size mistakes
  • Wrong straps
  • Wrong band
  • Straps fitting

The mistakes that every woman makes in bra selection have consequences. Many women ignore and are ignorant about what might result from selecting the wrong bra but believe me, the consequences are much worse than we think. Consequences include

  • Digging straps
  • Pain due to the digging
  • The bra might deform due to wrong bra size
  • Breathing problems

Well, as you can notice, the consequences are severe. The same way there are disadvantages of wearing the wrong bra, there are also the advantages that emanates from wearing the right size of a bra. Some of the benefits are as listed below

  • The clothes will fit correctly and better
  • You will feel relaxed and comfortable to a point of forgetting that you have worn a bra
  • You will enjoy full-time support to the bust

If you do not really know if you are making the right choice whether you are buying a bra online or in a store, you can simply ask yourself several questions just to be sure. Below are some of the ways you can notice that a bra is not your size and type

  • After fitting, if the bra’s back is higher than the font of the bra, the bra is definitely not your size.
  • If you notice that your two girls are spilling out of the cups, the bra is definitely not right for you.
  • When you see spilling bust, realize that the bra is not meant for you.

You might not know the right bra for you but when you consider following the right steps when fitting your bra, you will end up with the right type of bra. Below are some of the steps to follow when fitting the right bra.

How to find your right bra fit in simple steps

There are several things that can easily tell you if the size of the bra is best for you. Some of the things include

  • The size of the back of the bra
  • The size of the cup
  • The straps.

To know the right cups, back, and straps, you will need to measure and take time trying out. Below are some of the steps to get it right.

The back

There are steps that can help when making the back decision. One of the steps is to consider measuring your backside. The support that the bra gets from the band is approximately 80%. When trying out, make sure that the band sits straight and horizontally at your back. Also, fit in two fingers to know if the band is right. If it can fit more than two fingers, you will need to reduce the size of the band.

The straps

Although some bras come without straps, many women prefer bras with straps. When making your straps fitting, make sure that the straps sit in the middle of your shoulders. The straps should be firm but not too tight. If they are too tight, they will start to dig in causing discomfort and even leaving indentations.

The cups

The cups are the ones that protect the two girls. Therefore, make sure that there is no overspill after wearing the bra. The bra front should also lie against the walls of the chest. Make sure that it lies flat on the skin. After you have done all that, you will realize that your bust is comfortable.

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