How to Find a Moving Company You Can Trust


The moving industry in North America is booming. As more and more millennials begin to leave the family home, they need help. The moving industry in the US alone is expected to be worth $18 billion by the end of 2019.

But with so many providers you need to figure out which moving company does the best job. Edmonton movers Matco are going to show you what you should look for in a reputable moving company.

Make Sure they Have a License

A moving company is not just a man with a van. You need to know you’re covered should something go wrong. Check out the licenses and certifications of any moving company you work with. Different regions may have different requirements.

Toronto is experiencing its 10th year of real estate growth, so it’s a big market for moving companies. Don’t get stung by an unlicensed mover.

Look at Reviews but Not the Star Rating

Reviews are important. But take your time to read the reviews left by people. Sites like Yelp are open to manipulation. If you just look at the star rating, you don’t know how many quality reviews are contributing to that rating.

Look at the reviews and read what people have to say about the company. Remember that 90% of customers read reviews online before visiting a business. Take your time to inspect all recent reviews.

Always Get an In-House Estimate

One three-bedroom house can have the twice the number of items as another three-bedroom house. A reputable moving company will always provide you with an in-house estimate.

An estimate over the phone isn’t going to cut it. And it may result in hidden fees later or a moving company that’s just desperate for business. They may be desperate for a reason.

Don’t Opt for the Cheapest Moving Company

Matco understands that prices vary across the moving industry. There’s really no correlation between haulage size and price. That makes it difficult for customers to determine which mover to choose.

Go with the moving company that has all the skills and the equipment. Price, of course, matters, but it shouldn’t be your main consideration.

The cheapest moving company might be tempting, but they’re cheap for a reason.

Understand the Fees Included

Some unscrupulous moving companies will charge a standard rate for moving. But they won’t include things like packing supplies or fuel costs. This can mean the price you thought you were going to pay is much higher.

Make sure you confirm that everything is included in the price.

Last Word – Talk to Them

The best advice anyone can ever get about hiring a moving company is to talk to them. Ask about every aspect of the service and what you’ll be expected to pay. Look up the reviews for the company and, if you’re sure, demand an in-house estimate.

Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed a moving company that will treat your belongings with the care and attention they deserve.

Are you getting ready to move to a new house soon?

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Taylor Bishop

Thanks for this advice for finding a moving company. You mentioned that you should try to find a moving company that has the right skills and equipment. Maybe it could be good to learn what types of moves the company is use to doing to see if they would work well in your situation.