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Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the U.S. and the 2nd largest city on the east coast.  It has lots to offer as a city, including great museums, restaurants, art galleries, sports teams and more.  For all the people that live there, visit there on vacation, or travel there on business, you need to know that the City of Brotherly Love, as Philadelphia is called, also has great places to run and exercise.  Whether you’re a casual jogger or training for a marathon, check out these 3 great spots to run for short, medium and long runs.


Schuykill River Trail.  The Schuykill River Trail runs along the Schuykill River that borders Philadelphia on the west side of the city.  This is likely the most scenic running route in Philly.  Depending on how far south you start, the Trail will take you past the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the famous “Rocky” steps, past the Fairmount Park area and then Boathouse Row.  The “Philadelphia Trail” portion is 10.5 miles long, perfect for a quick jog or a long training run.  A plan exists to connect the Trail to existing trails outside the city that would run 130 miles long! 


Ben Franklin Bridge.  On the opposite side of Philadelphia from the Schuykill River Trail runs the Delaware River, and across the Delaware spans the Ben Franklin Bridge.  There is a pedestrian run/walkway that is elevated above the car level of the bridge that provides a great, uninterrupted path for runners.  The entrance to the walkway is at 5th and Race on the Philadelphia side of the bridge, and the walkway is open from 6am to 8pm, so you should be able to get in a run before or after work if you need to.  The views as you cross the bridge are tremendous and on the return leg you get a great snapshot of the Philadelphia skyline.  The out-and-back trip on the bridge is about 2.5 miles.   


Delaware River Trail / Columbus Boulevard.  While the Ben Franklin Bridge runs across the Delaware River, the Delaware River Trail runs along the river.  Combine this Trail with the sidewalks that run along Columbus Boulevard and you get a uninterrupted run with another great view.  The Trail portion starts around Tasker Street and you can run north along the river.  Where the Trail ends you then have sidewalks off the road and you will run past Penn’s Landing, on your east and Old City across the roads to the west.  Continuing north you will pass the Race Street Pier, which is a short but scenic detour that you can add to your run to get a better glimpse of the river.  You will then run under the Ben Franklin Bridge, and continuing on you have sidewalks until just past the Sugar House Casino.  That route described is over 2.5 miles, so if you loop that you have a solid 5 mile run.  


The running routes I described are 3 great routes in Philadelphia – there are definitely more!  When you get a chance, check them out!

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Its an amazing article. You need to know that the City of Brotherly Love, as Philadelphia is called, also has great places to run and exercise.I love this city for Ski.Thanks for your article!!