How to Establish your sense of style and comfort as a new mom


As a new mom, you’ll quickly learn that there are a whole load of new things to think about when it comes to getting ready to start your day. Not only will you miss your tiny bundle when you’re showering- in spite of feeling like a leech at times, with a newborn constantly grazing at your nipple, what you wear can impact on the ease or difficulty of completing your new role- parenting. You’re likely to adapt your style as quickly as you adapt to your new role. 

Here are some tips that will help you to keep your sense of style while adapting to your new role as mom. 

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Quick Change 

People will warn you about having lots of changes of clothes for your baby when out and about, but what about you? While it’s completely acceptable and normal for a new mother to be covered in gunge why should you have to? Layering your outfit will help in times of crisis. 

Comfort is important, particularly in the weeks and months of postpartum recovery. A pair of high waisted leggings and a vest top will be your daily staple. 

Try layering these with longline shirts or dresses with busy prints, not only will they lift up your outfit, the patterns will help to hide any mishaps, as well as allowing easy access if you’re breastfeeding. 

Fabric is important as well. Be sure to pick the right blends that look fashionable, drape well and — most importantly — do not stain easily. 

Accessories can be another way to improve the look of an outfit in an instant. While babies are like magpies when it comes to shiny objects, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to wearing your beloved bling. Smaller hoop earrings are a perfect way to stop little fingers from yanking at your lobes. A scarf can be thrown on for multi purposes: to add an injection of colour, to stay warm, and to act as a modesty guard when feeding in public. 

If The Shoe Fits 

You’re likely going to be taking your baby out for a lot of walks to give them the fresh air they need to nap. It’s also important for you to get the exercise you need to improve on your mental health during the postpartum period- not to mention swollen and growing feet that can happen post pregnancy. Thankfully, shoes like Vans play the part in being comfortable and classically stylish to be worn in a multitude of environments. 

Oversized Bags

Changing bags have to be practical, as you’ll need to carry several outfit changes, nappies and wipes, formula and bottles, snacks, toys, muslin squares and soothers….etc…– but they don’t have to be boring. There are changing bags on the market that are practical and stylish– you really can be both!

Thankfully big bags have stuck around as a fashionable accessory. Technology such as laptops and tablets are an important part of our daily lives for entertainment as well as  a way to carry everything needed for your little one.

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