How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep


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What is your favorite pair of pajamas like? Do you prefer flannel or silk, or would you rather wear a regular T-shirt with sweatpants? 

If you want to dress your baby for sleep, there is more to consider. My wife deals with post-partum anxiety after every baby. She checks the baby monitor every 10 minutes to ensure their chest is still rising. 

The baby’s safety trumps everything else. Luckily, the safest way to put your baby in bed will keep them comfortable throughout the night. 

This is how to dress your baby properly to get a better night’s sleep for yourself and your baby.

Dress Your Baby In Light Clothing For Sleep

I prefer to sleep cold. I want to turn off the thermostat in the Winter and open a window. I’ve had to put those days behind me since having kids. 

My wife could fall asleep with a sweatshirt while I’m sweating two feet away. 

No matter how you prefer to sleep, your baby will be safer and more comfortable in light clothing.

Baby’s bodies are still learning how to regulate their temperature. Light-weight pajamas paired with a swaddle will keep them warm without overheating.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Dress Your Baby For Sleep

Step 1. Clean Diaper

No one wants to go to bed wet. Make sure the baby has a dry diaper for comfort and to avoid leaks.

Step 2. Pajamas

Light-weight pajamas will be best for your baby. I also recommend pajamas that give you easy access for diaper changes. In my experience, buttons are frustrating. I want zippers every time.

Step 3. Swaddle Your Baby

You want your baby to be swaddled snugly. You’ll transition them out of the swaddle when they start showing signs of rolling over. Enjoy this time while your baby can’t repeatedly climb out of bed.

Step 4. Place Baby on Back

Studies show that babies are safest on their backs. The crib should also be completely clear. Take out any toys, blankets, and pillows. I know they’re cute, but your baby is safer without them.

Key Considerations When Putting Your Baby To Sleep

You’re prepared. You know exactly what you need to dress your baby tonight. Baby sleep can feel overwhelming after countless sleepless nights.

A baby monitor will let you watch your baby and the room’s temperature, so you can keep them comfortable.

The infant eating and sleeping patterns were a huge surprise to me as a new parent. Understanding the link between eating and sleeping will help your baby sleep better at night. 

If you struggle like me when swaddling your baby, sleep sacks are a safe and easy alternative. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets. We used sleep sacks for all our kids. For newborns, you want snug sleep sacks. 

My Experience with Dressing Our Babies For Sleep

I was as clueless as any other new parent. My wife is amazingly patient when she needs to teach me anything. I had no idea that newborns snooze more than my alarm on Sunday. She gave me every opportunity to practice swaddling the babies. With each baby, I felt like I was swaddling a baby for the first time. 

After swaddling three kids multiple times per day, I can proudly say that I SOMETIMES get it right. My wife swaddles them perfectly every time. I opt for the sleep sack. 

I love doing bedtime with the kids. Freedom is right around the corner. More importantly, I love that I make them feel comfortable and safe. I hope you start to love bedtime as much as I do.

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