How to Declutter Your Home


While it’s really no big secret, a great majority of us tend to have just too much stuff in general. And let’s face it – as time goes by, stuff tends to accumulate more and more till you can barely move around your house in comfort anymore. Now that is certainly not desirable.


Before that happens, you might want to do the needful and indulge in some much-needed spring-cleaning before things get too out of hand. No, I’m not talking about something as simple as hiring professional window cleaning experts, but this is regarding you getting down and dirty by doing the necessary house cleaning. Now some of you out there might think it requires too much planning, but it’s really easy when you actually sit down and look at it. Here are some of the main ways to go about it:-


  • Identify: This is the first essential step. At least after this, you won’t have your work that cut out for you. Remember to be cut and dry about this process since you need peace and space in your home more than anything else. If you happen to have stuff that’s been lying around gathering dust for nearly a decade, you certainly have a problem on your hands. 
  • Thoroughly sort it out: Now comes the slightly tricky step of categorizing all of the stuff you’ve laid out. To simplify things, let’s just look at it this way – two of the main categories can be 1] The things that take up little space and 2] The things that take up a lot of space. Once you’ve done that, things are bound to fall into place a lot easily than before.  
  • Remember the 3 main categories: Now this is crucial. Basically this entails – 1] The stuff you’re definitely keeping 2] The stuff you’re not too sure about just yet and 3] The stuff you’re certainly getting rid of. Once you’ve done this, you’re pretty much done by 50%. And if you’re lucky, maybe even more.  
  • Wait for a bit: This is needed as too much ruthlessness does tend to ruin the process. It would be advised that you wait for another 30 days before repeating the process of sorting stuff out as you would have a much fresher perspective overall. Yes believe it or not, this has proven to be actually true plus you’ll find it easier getting rid of stuff in general.  
  • Focus on the one-off items: That tiny casio keyboard that you bought after the first keyboard lesson and never used it henceforth? Well, stuff like that is exactly what you will need to mark for deletion. Best would be to give it away to someone else more in need.  
  • Donate or Sell: Once you’ve completed all the stage above, you will only be left with the stuff you want. But what about the stuff you don’t want, but would rather not throw away? Well, selling it to someone or donating it are undoubtedly the best, if not the only options?


Sure, nobody said it was going to be easy saying goodbye to all of the stuff you love, but sometimes it just has to be done. After all, most items end up losing their importance and significance over the course of time, plus one of the main advantages is that you will end up having a ton of extra space in the house. Not to mention the fact that initial spring cleaning will help you prepare for the repeat of the same in the future, should the need arise.


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