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I have a friend who dreads cleaning her bathroom and another who refuses to clean the kitchen! There are plenty of people who, let’s be honest, just don’t have time to clean up after themselves. Luckily, Cleanify has you covered!

“I wish I had a maid”, “I’m so tired from work, I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING IT”; if you have ever used any of these sayings then Cleanify is for you! The concept for this service is extremely simple and unbelievably user friendly! You determine what you want cleaned, when you want it cleaned and how often you want it cleaned.

The website, (Cleanify), is so easy that anyone can access and chose a few answers from drop-down boxes and be on their way to a clean house!!

What I love about Cleanify is the fact that it not only helps its clients and/or customers but it helps the workers working the job. Cleanify is not supplying workers but rather supplying cleaners with customers! Taken from the site, here is a review given regarding Cleanify:

“Cleanify offers something different: It wants to provide independent cleaners and small businesses with the tools to find new customers, manage schedules, offer different types of cleaning services, and set their own prices.”

— Anthony Ha, TechCrunch

Cleanify also gives you a price directly from the website. After putting in the size of your home, the time requested and the type of cleaning you are provided with a page that shows everything you input and how many hours this could take along with the price of the service. You then enter your information and request the cleaning! That’s it!! Whether it is a one-time cleaning or a job that should be repeated weekly, Cleanify has the job covered!! Visit Cleanify today!!


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4 years ago

I could really use this, I never seem to get everything as clean as I would like.