How to Buy a Used Royal Enfield Motorcycle


It is not always easy to find a used Royal Enfield motorbike available for sale.This is because most countries only have a very limited number of Royal Enfield dealerships and to compound the problem, not all such dealers sell used motorcycles. Some people buy these motorcycles to show it off where they load it onto their trucks (Go to this site to check out a reliable motorcycle ramp) and transport it to tradeshows and conventions. In view of this, your chances of finding a top-notch used model would mainly depend on your luck in tracing a willing seller. Even then, you are likely to buy the bike on an “as is” basis with no warranty.

Some of the benefits of buying used Royal Enfield’s include the following:

Advantages of Buying Used Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Easy Maintenance

The good thing is that Royal Enfield motorbikes hardly undergo major changes in design and engineering. Therefore, most of their parts and components are either fixable or replaceable. In other words, you would be able to get spares for any broken or missing parts of the bike from garages easily. General replacement parts include side covers, mudguards, switchgears, front suspensions, and seats.

Highly Customizable

The design simplicity of Royal Enfield motorbikes permits customization, so you can obtain an old model and give it a new look from parts and components sourced elsewhere. Most parts of this bike are replaceable save for the characteristic chassis and front/rear spring suspensions, which distinguish the brand.   

Cost Effective

A well-maintained used Royal Enfield motorbike can be quite affordable in comparison to other retro and antique bike models. For instance, used Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Ural, BMW, Ducati, and Honda models are quite costly to purchase. Conversely, many Royal Enfield owners sell their vintage used bikes at reasonable prices.

Here are a few tips to guide you when shopping for a used Royal Enfield:

Noise: Listen keenly for any unusual noises while test-driving the bike. Clicking noises may indicate valve problems or worn out fuel injectors. Worn-out bearings and brake discs may also produce noise while the motorbike is moving.

Stability and Balance: Ensure that the motorbike can track a straight line effortlessly, and does not bob up and down when you ride it. Lack of proper balance and stability may indicate wheel problems that can cost a lot to repair. If you notice such problems, ask for a price reduction from the owner.

Handling: The motorbike should operate gently without forcing you to apply physical effort while riding. Ask for a price adjustment if you detect cornering problems, pattering, braking issues, shaking handlebars, or harsh riding experience.

Engine Problems: Avoid any Enfield with major engine or transmission defects. A new engine and transmission system is too costly to install and configure on a used motorbike.

Wheels and Cables: Avoid any used bike with out-of-round wheels and worn-out sprockets unless it is on offer. Motorbike wheels and sprockets are costly to install and tune. Old brake and clutch cables may be cheaper to replace, but can cause the bike to stop anytime without warning.

Shopping for a used Royal Enfield is tricky business due to the rarity of this vintage model. You may be lucky to find a seller who is willing to dispose of his bike after receiving advice from his injury attorney in Wisconsin. Carefully scrutinize the motorbike, and assess it for possible defects after a test drive. This will give you an edge during negotiations with the seller. Afterwards, you can take the used Royal Enfield to your mechanic for extra adjustments and customization according to your liking. 

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