How to Become a Surrogate Mother in Ukraine


Helping a childless couple is commendable, but you have to be mentally prepared that you will have to let your child go, the one that had been kicking your belly during the sleepless nights for months. You have to be totally aware that the child you are going to give birth to is not yours. Surely, you will feel affection towards this little creature, and undoubtedly will always be close with him at least in your thoughts, but get ready to face the reality. Genetically child is not related to you.

How to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine: Not every woman can become a surrogate mother and help a childless family find parental happiness. Certain requirements are imposed by law that have to be met by a potential candidate prior to engaging in a surrogacy program.

Prospective surrogate mother should be a woman who meets the following criteria:

  • A candidate should be a competent adult, who is physically and mentally healthy;
  • A candidate should have at least one healthy child;
  • A candidate should not have somatic and mental illnesses that are contraindications to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • A candidate should not have the length of the uterus body less than 35 mm;
  • A candidate should not have acute inflammatory diseases of any localization at the beginning of the implementation of ART;
  • A candidate should not have birth defects or acquired deformity of the uterine cavity, in which implantation of the embryo (s) and pregnancy cannot be implanted;
  • A candidate should not have benign tumors of the uterus that deform the uterus and (or) require surgical treatment;
  • A candidate should not have malignant neoplasms of any localization (gametes retrieval is allowed in order to preserve reproductive potential).

Some fertility clinics in Ukraine find the following conditions highly desirable:

  • The age requirements – 20-35 years old;
  • Rubella immunity;
  • The absence of premature birth, miscarriages or cesarean section;
  • A woman did not give birth more than twice in the past;
  • A woman did not resort to the use of intrauterine contraceptive device.

As practice shows, these requirements can be substantially expanded or conversely some of them are corrected. For example, some insemination centers claim that a woman who said, “I want to become a surrogate mother” should not have used the intrauterine contraceptive device in the past. Other clinics are ready to perform IVF for a woman, who underwent a C-Section procedure before, but only if she does not have a rumen on her uterus.

Many doctors opine that at least a year should pass after giving birth to a child, before actually a woman can apply to become a surrogate mother. One of the indispensable conditions that should be met is the consent of the surrogate’s husband. The surrogate’s husband should give his consent in writing provided it is properly notarized.

If you decide for yourself that you want to become a surrogate mother, you have several options. You can start participating in special forums online, where you will have the opportunity to find intended parents that are looking for a surrogate. However, you have to bear in mind that once you decided to act on your own, you most likely will have to deal with the entire spectrum of legal, medical and financial issues related to a surrogacy all by yourself. Even if you are a savvy person or had a prior experience with surrogacy procedures, you should be insisting on concluding a valid surrogacy contact with intended parents, where all crucial elements and provisions are present and, therefore enforceable by law and legally binding for all parties. It is way better to turn to a professional surrogacy agency with many years of successful and proven experience in matching services, rather than engaging into a high-risk endeavor without qualified help. Just remember, a properly constituted surrogacy contract by a professional lawyer is a guarantee that your rights are protected.

Medical Examination:

To participate in the program of surrogate motherhood, the expectant mother needs to undergo a thorough medical examination, which includes opinions of the psychiatrist and the therapist regarding the health conditions of future surrogate mother. The gynecologist carries out both general and special examination aimed at studying the childbearing function. The mammologist must conduct ultrasound of the mammary glands within 5-11 days prior to the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It is necessary to examine the ultrasound of the pelvic organs. A surrogate mother is required to provide a blood sample in order to determine the blood group and Rh factor. The scope of the medical examination also includes:

  • clinical blood test;
  • coagulogram;
  • blood tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months);
  • blood tests (IgM, IgG) for toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and rubella cow;
  • bacterioscopy analysis of three-point extracts (vagina, urethra and cervical canal);
  • cytological examination of smears from the cervix;
  • blood test for anti-myeler hormone (AMG), prolactin (Prl), follitropinum (FSH), lutropin (LH), progesterone (P), estradiol (E2).

A woman who has agreed to become a gestational carrier does a very good thing. She helps other families to find integrity, she gets the opportunity to help her own children financially and in end, she gives life when there was no chance for it. Contact IVF Group Surrogacy Services at + 1 (213) 277-5874 or visit our website at to find out how to become a surrogate mother and change your for better.

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