How to Avoid Damaging Your Smartphone


Smartphones: we all have them, and they are a vital part of our lives. Everything is on them, so if we have to go without for a few days, it can be a nightmare. If your smartphone becomes damaged, you will need a repair, or start all over with a new one. In our busy lives, we don’t have time for that. So follow these tips and tricks, to help you to avoid damaging your cell phone.

Get a Phone Case

This first tip may seem rather obvious. I guess that it is! So many of us don’t have a cover for our phones, though. A cover will help to protect it from scrapes or from being dropped. With little ones often reaching for our phones, a cover is essential. You can a variety of cases too, so it doesn’t have to look bad. You can get the personalized and have photos printed onto cases. You can even get waterproof cases. I wonder if somewhere there is a ‘drool-proof’ version? Here are some of the best iPhone 6s cases. What is your favorite?

Avoid Water

Let’s face it, if the phone isn’t anywhere near water, it can’t get water damaged. Do not take it in the bathroom! How many of us have heard of friends dropping their phones in the toilet? Resist taking in the bath with you to watch Netflix. Don’t take it anywhere near a toilet. Problem solved.

This goes with rain too. I have a friend that took their phone hiking and it started to rain. They thought it would just be ok in their bag. Things is, though, their bag wasn’t waterproof. Some water got into the phone. Not a whole lot, but still enough that it damaged the screen and gave it a condensation effect. Not cool. If you are taking it out in the great outdoors, think about a waterproof case to put it in. If you’re going out on a boat or something, though, I would just leave it on shore. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Screen Protector

You can get screen protector covers to stick on the front of your screen. What does it do? You guessed it; it protects the screen. The glass on smartphones can be so delicate that a chip can happen. It is the worst when there is a slight crack on the screen. It doesn’t affect the use of the phone as such; it just makes it super annoying. Just putting a sticker on the screen can completely avoid this issue. Have you heard of screen protector spray? This is on the market too. I’m yet to hear many reviews of it though so let me know in the comments if you know anything about it!


We Moms are pretty down with the storage. We will always have a diaper bag with us so we can keep our phones with us in those. Bags or a holder on your belt are much better options for avoiding damage. Phones are much less likely to fall out if they are in a closed bag or case. I have heard of a lot of people saying that they forgot their phone was in their pocket, and they fell on the floor and it got smashed. That is the thing, phones tend to fall out of pockets, or we forget about them. One of my friends even said they were break dancing, and their phone got smashed as they forgot it was there. What a way to go, though!

Things that we have in pockets can cause damage too. If you have some loose change in your pocket, the screen could get scratched from the coins or even something like keys. Don’t put phones in pockets!

Think about where you are putting it at home too. Are you leaving it on a tabletop, in close reach of a small child or a pet? Little children are like magpies with this kind of thing. They see something shiny, and they want it. A plastic toy version of a phone is never good enough, they know the difference, right? Keep it out of reach and the chances of it being damaged are highly reduced.

Think about the Weather

This might not be something that you naturally think about with a phone, but the temperature that the phone experiences can cause damage. If it is summer and you are out at the beach, keep it in the shade. It has delicate skin like you or I and needs to be protected. It should also be allowed to heat back to room temperature normally, to avoid any condensation from building up.

Equally, avoid extreme cold with your phone. This can stop it from working altogether and effect the screen visibility. Cold weather can also use up more battery life so best to avoid, or have a spare battery with you. If you are out hiking in the colder weather and need to take your phone, keep it close to your body temperature. Keep it in a pocket and avoid getting it out as much as possible. You don’t want to have it going from one extreme to another.


If all else fails, you can always get some insurance for your phone. It is quite common these days as buying a new phone can be pricey. Use a comparison site and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a quite suitable for your budget.

Insurance is good for accidental damage, as well as theft. To avoid theft of your phone, avoid getting it out in busy public places, especially if it is a brand new, all singing all dancing, top of the range phone. Keeping it out of sight, in general, is the key. Another win for the diaper bag! Keep it stored away and don’t keep it in pockets. Avoid theft and avoid damage; win, win!

I hope you have found these tips helpful, to avoid damaging your phone. No more cracked screens, here we come!

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