How to adapt your interior design with the seasons


Trends come and go just as quickly as the seasons, which can make you feel bored with your current interior decor. Rather than flicking through magazines to try and find a new look, take some inspiration from nature. By getting your ideas from the four seasons, you can change up the style of your home without the worry of it going out of fashion in a matter of weeks. Enjoy our tips on how you can adapt your interior designs to match the seasons for a truly classic style you’ll never get bored of.

Neutral base

From the sofa to the TV stand, the basics are fundamental as they give you a base to start from. Rather than splashing out and sourcing the trendiest items of the moment, opt for classy, neutral furniture. You want timeless pieces that are easy to change up with the addition of accessories rather than being stuck with a solid, brash design that may quickly go out of fashion.

Rather than buying a bed with a flashy headboard, for example, buy a minimalist design from the likes of Divan Beds Centre. This way you can change up the accessories whenever you please rather than being stuck with a certain design. You may love that over the top print now, but it may not be to your taste in a year or so, after all. Buying more neutral furniture is better in the long term as you won’t have to pay out to replace it as often. Trust us; it’s the way to go.

Color schemes

People often relate colors to seasons without even realizing, so adapting your interior design to suit them isn’t as hard as it sounds. Take inspiration from nature when choosing your colors to get a truly accurate representation of the seasons. You could take note from the yellow daffodils and blooming blossoms for spring, whereas autumn would be warmer tones like the leaves that fall from the trees. Think about what you associate the seasons with and see how they can be used in your home for an effortlessly beautiful atmosphere.

Switch up furnishings

Once you’ve got a neutral base, you can start mixing up the decor to match the season. Soft furnishings, such as cushions and curtains, are the easiest to change at a moments notice. It may be best to invest in high-quality sofa cushions and simply replace the cover once the seasons change.

As well as soft furnishings, you can easily add other home accessories to match the vibe you’re going for. Vases are amazing as you can easily switch them up to match the season, choosing reds and greens for winter, oranges and rusts for autumn, yellows and pastel pink for spring and any bright colors for summer. Why not get some fake flowers to match whatever is blooming that season? You can get real houseplants too, but these should be cared for rather than thrown out when a new season comes around.

Whatever the season, remember to get creative and put your own spin on things. The most important thing is that you have fun when getting creative with your interior design, coming up with a look that suits your aesthetic.

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