How Is Custody Split in a Divorce?


All signs point toward high divorce rates, which is why you need to always handle every legal detail that comes with the territory if you’re dealing with one. If you have children, it’s important to make sure that you come up with an agreement for raising them in two different households. 

Going to family court will help you hash these things out, but you also need to understand what details come with the territory. Here are some things you should know about custody agreements. 

What Variables Dictate a Custody Arrangement

There are several different details you should understand about custody arrangements. When you can answer the questions upfront, it’ll be easier for you to fight for your rights or come to an out-of-court settlement with the other parent. 

Here are a few things you should know about what goes into custody arrangements:

1. The Child’s Wishes

The courts will assess your child’s wishes and take them into consideration. It’s important for them to know that your child will be emotionally healthy and mentally sound. When they are living with the parent that they prefer, it will allow them to go through the many different stages of school, and how they grow and develop. 

Have some honest conversations with your child about their wishes, without trying to push them one way or another. 

2. Both Parents’ Ability to Financially Care for the Child

Money isn’t everything, but it’s important that you’re able to financially care for your child. The courts will consider who is the breadwinner, and how much money the child requires for their basic needs. 

These costs include things like food, clothing, consistent shelter, and medical care. 

3. The Proximity of the Child’s Schooling and Activities

It’s important to provide a sense of normalcy for your child. Part of custody arrangements also involve your child’s regular schooling and activities.  

Taking your kid out of their school, friendship circle, and extracurricular activities can add to the trauma that comes with the divorce. Do everything you can to keep these matters stable when coming up with a custody split. 

4. Any Behavioral, Psychological, or Medical Issues the Child Might Have

Finally, the courts will also look at which parent the child behaves the best with. Many times children act out with one parent or another based on psychological or emotional reasons. It would be wise to put your child into therapy during the divorce process either way, but if there are glaring differences in your child’s behavior with one parent, this will need to be looked at. 

Some children might also have special medical or psychological needs. In these cases, the courts will determine which parent is best able to provide for those needs on a consistent basis. 

Make sure to find a family lawyer that can help you out further. 

Hash Out the Best Agreement for Your Family

A custody agreement can have messy details to work through, but it’s important that you address them head-on. The four points in this article explain what comes into play whenever these situations are created. 

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