How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take on Average?


Would you believe it if I told you one out of seven people still don’t wear a seat belt while driving?

That statistic is jarring. We know that about 3 million Americans get injured in car accidents every year. So, why are we still so reckless when it comes to getting behind the wheel?

If you got injured by someone else’s negligence, then there is hope. You’re likely eligible for compensation. But, how long does a car accident settlement take? When can you expect to see some financial relief?

There are several factors that dictate the length of your car accident case. Read on to learn how long yours will take.

  1. The Seriousness of Your Injuries

First thing’s first. The seriousness of your injuries will impact the length of your claim. When your injuries are straight-forward or minor, getting paid is less of a challenge. You’ll want to prove your losses by bringing your doctor’s and prescription bills.

It sounds simple in theory, but injuries are rarely easy to fix. You often need follow-up treatment even with straight-forward injuries. That means you’ll have to either estimate the cost of this treatment or wait until you get billed for it.

If your injuries are serious, then proving your losses will be complex. If you’re now disabled, then you could need long-term care.

Not sure how to estimate these costs? Reach out to an expert, like those at Accident News, who can help. An attorney will match you with a medical expert. These individuals can estimate your future medical needs. They’ll also testify on your behalf in court.

  1. The Amount of Evidence You Collect

As you can imagine, your case will go faster if you collect a lot of proof that backs up your claims. When evidence is strong and clear, the other party is more likely to settle outside of court.

  1. The Number of Parties Involved in Your Case

When a claim is between you and another driver, it’s a lot easier to determine liability. When a bunch of other parties get involved, it’s more of a challenge.

If your accident involved several drivers, then your case will take longer. There could be other parties that share liability, too, like:

  • Your car’s manufacturer
  • Your mechanic
  • A company who hired the at-fault driver
  • The government (who failed to maintain the road)

In general, your case will take longer when more parties are involved.

So, How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take?

So, how long does a car accident settlement take? The time it takes to get your funds hinges on the factors above. If you have a complex case, then it will take longer. On average, you can expect to see payment within six months with a simple case. A very complex case could take a year or more to settle, though.

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3 years ago

Great blog! I appreciate the efforts you made while writing this article. I hope the best job from you in the future as well. I want to thank you for this site! Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

I always keep my lawyer’s number with me for such cases, as well as call a towing service to pick up my car after. These are two numbers that every motorist should have