How Could Your Diet Be Affecting Your Hair Growth?


Hair growth can be a complicated puzzle to solve, particularly as there are a number of reasons that your hair could become brittle. With genetic hair loss needs much more than just changes to diet, hair transplant in Istanbul procedures can help to take hair from a donor area and place this in the hairline to restore it to the way it once was. But what about preventing this before that happens? Here, we will be showing you some of the ways that your diet could be affecting your hair growth in the long term.

Lack of Vitamins And Minerals            

When looking into what causes hair loss the lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to the hair looking flat and becoming damaged at the root. With vitamin A, B-vitamins and vitamin C all being essential to hair growth, this can lead to the hair becoming brittle and breaking over time. By taking hair growing vitamins as well as incorporating fish into your diet, this can all help to keep your hair shiny and healthy all day long.

Lack Of Protein

Another way that your diet can affect your hair growth is through the lack of protein. This can not only leave the hair to look flat, but it can lead to damages at the end of the hair and lead to the hair becoming damaged over time. By incorporating meat and a number of vegetables into your diet, you can then begin to boost protein and help the hair to look healthy. When your hair is stared of protein at the follicle this can lead to the hair becoming dry and brittle which could, in turn, lead to more hair falling out as a result.

Stress Can Lead To Lack Of Eating

Though stress is often unavoidable, it is important to ensure that it does not affect eating habits. Whether this is not eating at all or eating junk food, it is important to ensure that your diet remains as balanced as possible as this will help your hair to grow as strong as possible. Though it can take time, for the protein to get into your system it is important to make sure that your diet is balanced as this will continue to provide your scalp and hair with the vital nutrients that they need.

Lack Of Iron

The final way that diet can affect your hair is if you have a lack of iron, this can not only lead to your hair becoming damaged at the tip, but it can also fall out. However, this can be resolved wither by taking supplements or eating iron-enriched food as this will help to nourish the scalp and maintain a healthy level of iron intake. In addition to this, the oxygen generated by iron can then be carried through the blood into the scalp to stimulate hair regeneration and promote the growth of brand-new hair that is stronger than ever.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that your diet can affect your hair growth and therefore it is important to maintain healthy eating with a balanced diet that is protein enriched with vitamins and minerals. Which dietary changes will you be making in 2020?

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