How Choosing the Right Furniture Can Transform Your Bathroom into Somewhere You Love


What kind of look do you want your bathroom to have? One of the most important elements you’ll invest in your bathroom is furniture. How your space is used and the theme or color scheme you want also play significant roles in creating the perfect bathroom. Sometimes people want a new bathroom because they don’t have enough space. Others want to give their bathroom a new look and style while being functional. To create a bathroom you’ll love it helps to have a few things in mind when considering bathroom furniture options. Here are a few key points to review as you explore options.

Plan ahead how to use space and furniture

Ahead of choosing your bathroom furniture, take time to plan how your bathroom space will be used and where furniture pieces will be installed. What are things you plan to keep in the bathroom and how will your furniture choices play a role? When considering how your space will be used think about where things will be kept such as towels, tissue, makeup, medicine, and accessories.

Think about who will utilize the space such as kids or adults. Do you know how often the bathroom is used? You may also want to consider if the needs of your bathroom will change in the future such as if your family expands. If you want to add furniture at a later time, leave extra space available to avoid forcing or squeezing in pieces.

Review and select bathroom furniture options

There are various types of bathroom furniture choices to consider and it is important to assess which are best for the look you want to achieve. What types of furniture are you interested in and how will they fit into the space you have available? Furniture options such as floor standing pieces such as shelf units or cupboards may require more space than you think. These types of pieces may require a little more planning to ensure you have enough space remaining so your bathroom doesn’t feel cluttered.

Another bathroom furniture option includes wall-mounted pieces such as mirror cabinets or hanging vanities such as these: These options allow for efficient use of wall space for drawers and forms of storage. Such furniture options create additional space around them helping the room to look spacious. These ideas are great for smaller bathrooms with limited space or the bathroom is shared among family members.

Know which furniture pieces will create the look you want

With so many options when it comes to bathroom furniture, you need to know which options to incorporate to make the design come to life. Certain furniture pieces offer more than one advantage while possibility helping you to kill two birds with one stone. For example, a mirrored wall cabinet may help you use vertical wall space while adding a storage option for small or large items. You’ll also have a mirror option to add the space.

A console or vanity unit may include two or more elements you want for your bathroom space such as storage, a sink, and counter space. Such pieces help save space in bathrooms. A table may also give an elegant touch to a bathroom with or without drawers. And don’t forget about the sink and toilet units. These options combine features including elegance and storage space into a confined area to create a clean, altogether appearance.

Freestanding or fitted furniture: how they affect your look

Are you considering bathroom furniture pieces that are freestanding or fitted for your space? Fitted furniture options give a modern, classic, or sleek look without taking up too much space. Freestanding may create a central focal point for a specific piece of furniture in the room.  They may be moved to another area of the bathroom later if necessary to create a different look or be removed if you move to a new home. Fitted furniture may allow you to take better advantage of the space you have available in your bathroom no matter the size. They are better positioned next to other fitted furniture options especially in smaller bathroom spaces.

Study furniture styles

The style of the furniture you want helps pull your look together. Whether you want a classic or contemporary look, understanding bathroom furniture style is important while getting hints on what is best for the look you want your bathroom to have. Smaller bathrooms gain a spacious appearance with glossy, white furniture options. If you plan to stick with a white bathroom, you can add color easily by purchasing accessories with colors such as towels or shower curtains. It is a budget-friendly option while making it easy to change up your color scheme later.

Furniture pieces with drawers and doors may or may not have handles. Such details may enhance the look of the bathroom. Neutral colors such as brown, black or grey are common options for anyone wanting a change from a white theme. Traditional bathroom furniture features common designs such as knobs on drawers or doors instead of handles. They may also feature painted wood with a finish in grey, white, off-white, or green with Shaker-style door paneling. If you plan to have a traditional style toilet or basin these options will complement each other fine.

Pay attention to the furniture material

Understanding the materials used to make bathroom furniture is helpful. It not only contributes to the look of your bathroom but also gives an idea of how well your design works for how your bathroom is used. If your space is small you may have concerns about moisture buildup. Certain pieces of bathroom furniture may keep their look longer than others depending on their material. Many pieces of furniture designed for bathroom spaces are made to withstand temperature change but vary in style depending on what it is made from such as laminate, vinyl, acrylic, or wood veneer. Countertops such as granite, glass, or marble are also able to withstand moisture. The material chosen for your bathroom furniture will influence your budget.

Things you should know before installing furniture

Make sure your walls are able to support furniture requiring the support of a wall stud. You can check with a professional bathroom contractor for advice. Small bathrooms may benefit from furniture pieces made for corner space. If you have dead space in your bathroom, consider using a tall furniture piece or unit to take advantage of vertical space. Be mindful of how drawers and doors open to ensure you have space and to prevent pieces of furniture from clashing or hitting against each other.

What about a budget? Do you know how much you’ll need to pay to create the look you want? Some bathroom furniture options are worth the investment if they are used often or purchased for a specific reason. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a luxury look for your bathroom, but it helps to know where to look for bathroom furniture and how to compare options.

Additional tips for choosing bathroom furniture

Think about the accessories you plan to display in the bathroom. These should complement the color and theme you want to achieve with the furniture. Details such as soap dispensers, floor rugs, shower curtains, fixtures, and robe hooks make a statement. When considering how much to spend on furniture, be reasonable without settling for cheap. You want quality items that will make your bathroom a comfortable and functional space.  If you want to spend more consider a custom design for your space. You can design anything from counter space to vanities.

Plan your look by looking at pictures of bathroom layouts online. There are many ideas for creating the perfect look for other elements of your bathroom including flooring, wall décor, and insight for patterns and color schemes. Bathroom hardware such as faucets, tubs, and bars also help create a great look by enhancing your theme or layout for space. When choosing a vanity, knowing where to place it and how it is accessed may give the piece a unique architectural look and feel. Keep in mind your plumbing may need tweaking if making changes to something such as a sink, shower, or toilet.

Choosing the right bathroom furniture includes knowing your personal style and understanding of available options. While you may have a vision for what you want your bathroom to look like, making it a reality includes understanding your budget and planning steps to take to bring your vision to life. Many may not think about the bathroom as a comfort zone, but doing research and knowing the right furniture pieces to use will give your bathroom new meaning. Get inspired by reviewing pictures of bathrooms and get to know different themes. As you develop ideas for your vision you’ll see how it is possible to make it a reality. Get opinions from a professional on how to choose quality pieces for your bathroom and make informed decisions to ensure your bathroom space is something you’ll love well into the future.

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Drake Frost
1 year ago

Hello, the most important thing to consider is the size of the bathroom. It is its dimensions, in general, that affect the choice of furniture materials, since owners of fairly spacious bathrooms can afford to install an expensive wooden cabinet with a worktop from solid wood. In them, showers and baths are located far from objects of similar furni