How Camping Can Bring Your Family Closer



Camping is a wonderful activity for families. Being in the outdoors, away from the distractions of everyday life, benefits individuals as well as the entire family as a whole. It is an affordable mini-vacation that requires little investment in terms of gear. Even urban families are usually only a few hours drive away from a campground, which makes it an opportunity that is available to everyone. Families that play together do tend to stay together, as the saying goes.

Here are some of the many ways that camping brings families closer:

Planning The Trip

When camping, just planning the trip is half of the fun. Let every member in the family play a part in planning where to go, what to do, what to eat and what to pack. Even if you are only spending two nights underneath the stars, taking a trip is always exciting. To make it the best it can be, make sure that everyone gets a chance to do what they want to – whether fishing, hiking, making S’mores or playing games.


Setting up camp carries with it many responsibilities. Even young children can help gather kindling while parents set up the tent. Again, the key to a successful camping trip for families occurs when all members of the family unite as a team. It is important to make every member feel they play an important role in preparing and maintaining the campground during their stay.

Getting Back To Nature

Parents and children become invigorated in the great outdoors. There is so much beauty to explore, no matter what type of terrain you camp in. Wildlife, flowers, trees and lakes provide endless opportunities for families to discuss and enjoy. Many children today live in a very technological world and get little exposure to natural surroundings. Parents should take this opportunity to expose their children to the wonders of nature.

True Family Time

At home, on an average day, parents are busy working and tending to daily tasks and chores. When camping, parents can give their undivided attention to their children. There should be no distractions during the trip, such as cell phones and laptops. Bring plenty of games, go fishing, build a campfire and tell ghost stories or jokes. With no interruptions, all members in the family have the opportunity to reconnect with each other, and everyone feels better because of it.

Physical Activity

Camping can also provide the opportunity to promote physical activity. Children and their parents are leading much more sedentary lives than they did decades ago. Encourage physical activities such as taking hikes, playing active games such as Frisbee or badminton and, if there is room, bring the bicycles along, too!

As you can see, camping provides many opportunities to bring families closer. In today’s tough economic climate, many people have had to give up the expense of vacations and travel. However, camping is extremely affordable to do and the benefits are felt even if families are in a campground a few hours from home. Also, camping can be done frequently – requiring no vacation days or missed days from school. Families who frequently take camping trips will find that the benefits of camping are not only apparent during the trip, for they also build happy memories to last a lifetime.



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