Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide: What Kind of Hot Tub is Best for Me?


You have made a decision, it’s time to finally buy yourself a hot tub! After all, it has been a rough year due to the corona pandemic and therefore it’s time to invest in things and activities that contribute to your mental (and physical) health. Rest, regularity and cleanliness, these are the success factors for optimal health. And a hot tub fits exactly in this picture. Rest means allowing yourself to build in enough me-time to recharge your internal battery. Cleanliness can be seen as cleaning your body: the warm water of the hot tub accelerates your metabolism and blood circulation and helps your body to remove waste products and toxins more quickly. Do you take a plunge daily, then you also have regularity, right?

But then of course the question remains: which hot tub do you choose? Not every hot tub is the same. That is why in this blog we give you more information about what you should pay attention to when buying a hot tub. This way you know after reading the blog which hot tub suits you best!


Are you choosing a large or small hot tub? The answer to that question depends on the size of your garden and the exact location where the hot tub will be placed. Simply put a measuring tape on the floor to see how big your hot tub can be. Is space not an issue in your backyard? Then look at the number of people that must fit in the hot tub. Is the hot tub purely for me-time or do you also want to invite your partner, children and friends or family every once in a while? Just like jacuzzis for 6 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 6 personen) or more, hot tubs can also fit in many people.


The traditional hot tub is made out of wood. This contributes to the ultimate primal feeling and the authentic hot tub experience and thus also distinguishes the hot tub from the jacuzzi. In addition, the wooden appearance of the hot tub really blends into nature. Wood naturally requires a little more maintenance. For example, it is recommended to oil the wood at least once or twice a year. This prevents the wood from rotting or cracking. This is not necessary with a plastic hot tub, but here the typical hot tub experience is somewhat less present! In addition, a plastic hot tub also has a modern look-and-feel. So the question remains what you value most: the pure hot tub experience and natural look or less maintenance. 

Unlike a jacuzzi, a hot tub has a heater that heats the water. The traditional jacuzzi is wood-fired and that brings you even closer to nature. Think of a lovely crackling wood fire on a balmy summer evening. In addition to the primal feeling, a wood-fired heater is also a cheap option: you have no gas or electricity costs. An electric heater on the other hand, makes use of gas and electricity and therefore comes with a price. But every drawback has its advantage: an electric heater can keep the water at a constant temperature. In addition, you do not suffer from smoke development and you do not have to drag wood to your hot tub every once in a while.


Nowadays you also have the choice whether you place the (electric or wood-fired) heater inside or outside the hot tub. The advantage of a heater outside the hot tub is that you simply have more seating space inside. And more space means more people (or just more space to relax). If you choose a heater inside the hot tub, you can sit close to the crackling fire which creates a cosy atmosphere! Whether you place the heater inside or outside the hot tub is therefore partly a matter of taste.

So now you know what it takes to buy a hot tub. Are you going for traditional or modern, space or cosiness, convenience or the back-to-nature feeling? Remember that every choice is right!

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