Tips for protecting your valuables at home


All of us have precious valuables within our homes and it doesn’t matter how much money we have or how wealthy we are as different people will value different types of valuables.  For some a valuable may be a high end designer bag while others may cherish something passed down from a family member that is no longer alive.

For this reason, we will share with you today some of the best ways to protect your valuable items in the home.

Don’t display your items for the world to see.

With everyone connected to social media these days its not hard for a criminal to find many potential victims.  If you like to show off your jewelry or belongings on social media you could be a victim of a burglary.  With burglaries happening every few minutes around the world you are increasing your chances of being a victim.

Our tip is to stop posting anything personal online that shows your wealth or when you are away from your home.  Keeping personal information such as this offline will keep your valuables a little safer.

Install Security.
If your home does get broken into you will want to stop the thieves from reaching your most precious valuables.  A heavy duty home safe is one of the best ways in doing so.  When purchasing a safe you should do research on the safe to make sure that it is fit for purpose.  

A small safe that can be picked up and broken into at a later date doesn’t offer much protection.  So our tip is to purchase a safe which is fit to hold your valuables.  If the items you are protecting are worth thousands or hundreds of thousands your safe should match up to the quality of your items.

If the items in your safe are delicate you may also want to consider purchasing a safe that’s proof for extra protection.

Backup your data.

To some people a designer watch is valuable and to others an old family photo or home movie is worth so much more.  If you want to protect your old home movies and photos you can scan/copy them onto your computer and make digital backups. 

This can be time consuming and you will need the right computer accessories to do so but it’s a great way of protecting your priceless items.  Alternatively if you don’t have the time to do it yourself you could use a company such as Digital converters who can convert your old movies to DVD’s, or scan your old photos to make digital backups.

Old photos or movies of loved ones can never be replaced in the event of a burglary or fire so having a backup that you can put on a DVD, pen drive or even in the cloud can be an excellent way of keeping your valuables safe.

Have the right insurance

Sometimes even the most careful people can be victims of a crime. If you are unlucky enough for this to happen to you, you will need insurance.  Having the right level of insurance will mean that in the event of a disaster your items will be replaced by the insurance company.  Some people over value their property but don’t do this as most insurers will only pay out at market rate anyway which will mean that you are overpaying for your premiums.

Some people also undervalue their goods and as a result won’t be credited when the time comes with the right compensation.  Value your items truthfully and if you need help you can hire someone to help.

Put your valuables into storage

Although self storage units aren’t strictly “at home”, they are accessible to most and although self storage units are often used by businesses and homeowners who are running out of room, they can be used as a secure unit for your valuables.  

Most storage companies will offer around the clock surveillance with CCTV monitoring and biometric access, making them one of the safest places to store your valuables.


Keeping your valuables safe at home is all about planning correctly.  When you plan you have a better chance of retaining your items if the worst were to happen.  If you have any more tips please let us know in the comments section below.

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