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For as long as I can remember and from the youngest age possible I’ve been teaching my kids about germs. As a former Nurse, I know all to well the importance of hand-washing on a regular basis. I learned early on in Nursing school that just one missed hand-washing can wreck havoc on our lives. While take a lab class, I failed to wash my hands after dismissal and the end result was Cellulitis. A very serious bacterial infection. Most likely this could have been prevented had I taken the time to wash my hands before leaving class. The infection made me very ill and for the next six-months I battled with Cellulitis. 

I never want my kiddos to get that sick from missing a hand-washing. As a parent, my job is to educate them as much as humanly possible. I take my job seriously. The good people over at GIANTmicrobes take their job seriously too. They’ve come up with fun and educational way to educate our kids in understanding germs, how they work and how to prevent them.

handwash-kitThe GIANTmicrobes Hand-washing Kit is perfect for our science homeschooling class. The kit includes germ detection powder and gel, and a UV light key chain to demonstrate how germs are spread and how following the hand washing tips in the Activity & Instruction booklet (also included) can help cut down on the spread of germs and keep you healthy! It also lso includes GIANTmicrobes Character Stickers, a Sniffles Mirror Cling to remind kids to wash their hands often, and a GIANTmicrobes Common Cold Key Chain. What a fabulous and fun way to teach our kiddos the importance of hand-washing.

The microbe-shaped soap dispenser  serves as a creative reminder to wash away germs. Niko loves it. He gets tickled every-time he uses it to soap-dispwash his hands. The GIANTmicrobes website offers a ton of fabulous educational and creative ideas to teach our kids science. You can teach your kiddos about the flu, bad breath, brain cells, chickenpox, the common cold as well as a whole slew of medical disease. Their site is simply amazing. Whether you home-school or send your kiddos off to school each day, there is something amazingly fabulous for you and your kids, even the adults in your life can benefit from the amazing products offered at GIANTmicrobes. They truly have something for everyone!

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GIANTmicrobes has been generous enough to offer 1 Lucky Mom Blog Society reader a chance to win the .GIANTmicrobes hand-washing kit and one Lucky Mom Blog Society reader a chance to win the Dish Soap dispenser. For you chance to win, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK!



Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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