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I admit it, I have super frizzy hair if I don’t take the time to blow dry it. Other than the amount of time it takes to dry my hair I hate how traditional blow dryers get super hot and instead of drying my hair it dries it out. Super frustrating right? Instead of the blow dryer being my best friend it’s more like my worst enemy. That is until I discovered the BARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryer! TheBARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryer is unlike any other blow dryer! And it’s the only hair dryer for me. My hair stays wet for hours unless I blow dry it and even that takes a good twenty minutes. And frankly I just don’t have that much time, the BARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryer has cut my drying time in half!

This dryer is so cute and compact. I travel for business a lot and it’s perfect to just throw in my suitcase. I can’t stand hotel dryers! And after you’ve used this dryer, you’ll see why. Super powerful and drys my hair fast. It’s just amazing!

Lets go over the benefits of the BARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryerone more time.  ” The BARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer is very similar to the Italy 3800 except for one thing: its size. The 4800’s nozzle is a bit shorter than the 3800, which makes it perfect for travel. But make no mistake: equipped with 2000 WATTS like the 3800, the 4800 is very powerful, cutting dry time in half!”

OK now to answer the question you all are wondering. “Where can you get your own BARBAR Italy 4800 Ionic Blow Dryer?” That’s simple! You can visit BarBar Hair Tools and find an amazing selection of styling tools!

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