Hobbies and Your Kids: What You Need to Know


It’s a shame for kids these days. It isn’t like years ago where they would play out for hours and then come home when the street lights came on. They sit at home now, on their mobile phones, computers and games consoles. They watch too much TV and live their lives online. It isn’t their fault; many of them don’t know any better. Parents don’t realise that they should be encouraging their children to get a hobby. Something to distract them from modern day technology. Of course, modern day technology can be beneficial. But it’s best in small doses! Here’s what you need to know about hobbies and your kids:

Pay Attention to Things They Like

Apart from anything to do with the internet or video games, pay attention to the things your kids like. Your little girl might have a thing for fashion, and your little boy might like building bridges out of lollipop sticks. Try to turn their loves into a hobby for them by suggesting things they could try. Maybe you could take them to do a workshop, buy them a project kit or simply give them the supplies to create their own stuff.

Encourage and Praise Them

When your kids have a hobby, even if it’s collecting fairground models, make sure you encourage and praise them. Having a passion for anything at all, whatever it may be is great these days. It’s especially great for kids who might want to fit in with kids who are always online. Tell them what a great job they’re doing and reiterate the benefits of having a hobby like this.


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Don’t Force it

If your kids really don’t want to do something or seem to not like something, you shouldn’t force it. Forcing them to do something can suck the fun right out of it and will instantly make them not want to do it. Even if your child shows an active interest in something, if you begin to make them change the way they do things, they’ll fight against you. I know someone who had a guitar. They really want to learn how to play it, but they enjoyed strumming along on their own. Their parents forced them to watch a boring video lesson over and over again, and that was it. They never wanted to touch a guitar again. Be warned!

Try Something With Them

Show your kids that you feel passionate about something, and that you have hobbies too. If they see you have hobbies, they’ll be more likely to develop one themselves. If they only ever see you on the computer or your phone, you can hardly convince them to do something better.

Hopefully, this will encourage you to encourage your kids to develop a hobby. You never know, their hobby could eventually turn into a full time career! There are endless possibilities. At the very least, a hobby will give them a new lease of life and a way to relieve stress.


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