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The affordable and simple appliance makes your prep time quicker and tofu dishes even tastier!


Firm and extra firm tofu are packed in water to keep it fresh. Removing this water allows spices, marinade, or other foods to be absorbed. Tofu is often called a wonder food because it has no natural taste and acts as a canvas for flavors and more importantly provides numerous health benefits. Proper pressing using the EZ Tofu Press improves not only the texture of tofu but also the flavor.

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The EZ Tofu Press is easy to use and only takes 5-15 minutes! With Tofu centered between the press plates, push top plate down by screwing tension knobs. Either screw simultaneously or alternate between knobs so the tofu brick is pressed evenly. Stand EZ Tofu Press on its side for better water removal, it’s that simple! Works with virtually all sizes of tofu and is machine washable.

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Available from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/EZ-Tofu-Press–Removes-Affordable/dp/B007LLGMG2 

For a video on it works, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN9oNKz896E

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An ideal Father’s Day gift, not just for vegetarians! The EZ Tofu Press costs $19.99 and has been the #1 Selling Tofu Press on AMAZON for 3 years!

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