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I am sure we all know that the internet can be used for the better or  worse. With this being said, it is our responsibility to use the Internet in a mature manner. The internet can be the most impactful way to express yourself, with it being used by nearly everyone in the world.  Most of us and the people we are around use the internet multiple times throughout the day. A large portion of people use the Internet as a place to share there company, ideas, for dating, mingling, sharing family information and much more. Therefore it’s not hard to see that the internet is one of the most influential places to share information.

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Not all of this information is friendly, or even for the greater good in every day life on the internet. There is a great amount of room for those of you who would like to share their experience with the Internet and sharing an experience that may help new users have a friendly experience. Trend Micro would like to give you this opportunity to express yourself through a short-film. Is there a story you would like to share high-lighting the responsibilities of how to use the Internet? Trend Micro is giving away $20,000 plus additional prizes to their top participants. This is your chance to help everyone in the world from people that have never used the Internet, to people that may use it every day. 




Often times people don’t understand that the decisions they make can sometimes have a serious effect on others. Trend Micro is looking for schools,  and individuals that can express their ideas on taking a good route towards using the internet for greater good. So get creative, express yourself through your own short-film and share your story on how we can make the internet a more responsible place for everyone. It is your time to make an impact on peoples lives. Get your video cam out and show the  world  how powerful we can all be by helping each other and making their internet experience a better one. 


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