Hani Zeini shares how the impact that Coronavirus has had on the Faster Digitalization of Workplaces


COVID-19 has made the world realize the significance of the adage, “necessity is the mother of invention”! The global pandemic has urged companies to rethink their ways of conducting business and adopt online technologies. Gathering in large groups is prohibited because of the social distancing rules to limit the community transmission of the virus. Hence, today it is imperative to transform the workplace digitally for effective functioning.

Hani Zeini highlights the instances of fast workplace digitization

It’s time for companies to become more tech and online tools savvy. Keeping a body temperature reader isn’t enough. Hani Zeini, an expert entrepreneur, points out how companies have digitally transformed their workplace and processes, to survive the business rat race.


  • Remote desktops to work from home


Many brands have stayed resistant to the idea of a distributed workforce! However, today IT brands need to make their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) teams and software solution architects work from home. They need to have the exact office-set up at home to work effectively. While a few staff can monitor the process from office, others can work using remote desktop solutions. Workhuman came up with a survey highlighting that close to one-third of people in the US have experienced work from home before the current pandemic. Brands like JPMorgan and Google are also developing remote working policies for allowing staff to work in shifts. 


  • Telehealth is gaining prominence


Prior to the global pandemic, telemedicine made slight progress! The public health staffs are urging the healthcare system to develop the telemedicine service using online tools and Smartphone devices. Today, technology can support to triage patients and diagnose the ones without ailments. However, they are concerned that they might contract it by opting for treatment in the overcrowded units. Telemedicine solutions restrict human contact, which reduces community transmission. The benefits of telemedicine are many and a few challenges. The healthcare systems are being urged to address the limitations so that people can leverage from telehealth solutions.  


  • The concept of remote learning


Since the virus transmission is not reducing, the schools, universities, colleges, and countries worldwide are taking help from online learning tools. Universities have decided to use online learning modules for their semester studies. Most universities are all set to witness virtual learning, which includes the Harvard Busines School Online. Harvard University even shares free online courses for students across the world during the lockdown phase. But many other schools are preparing to install the online set-up. 


  • It’s time for online events in 2020


Several in-person events and conferences are getting canceled all over the world because of the global pandemic. And this has opened the door for online events. One of the first events that got canceled due to security concerns was the Mobile World Congress, an annual meet-up for the electronics makers. Events and conferences today are a trillion-dollar industry. It helps in idea and knowledge exchange and developing professional bonds. Brands today are attempting to bridge the gap between the real events and virtual ones, using a platform that includes networking, video, and other content.

Until the pandemic ends, businesses have to resort to online technology for carrying out operations. And companies and brands today are resorting to these digital tools fast.

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5 months ago

This is true, now the level of freelance or simply outsourcing work has risen sharply. Many companies were forced to do this, and now they see it as a good advantage. Now it is easier to find a good specialist on the freelance market

2 months ago

The advantage of digital marketing is that it produces results much faster than traditional marketing, being more flexible and accessible to businesses. But the best part is the surprisingly wide range of tools that allow entrepreneurs to find unique recipes for success.

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22 days ago

Telehealth had been gaining momentum in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic is propelling physician practices to quickly figure out how they can best use the technology to provide patients with care while practicing physical distancing. And the change is expected to have a lasting impact on medicine. While no one can predict exactly how much telemedicine will be used once the pandemic is over, experts and physicians on the front lines agree that this experience will result in it being more widely used than it was before the pandemic.