Realtors revise their strategies – Three crucial tips by Ram Duriseti


The economic crisis of 2020 brought about by COVID-19 has surprised businesses, economists, and governments, alike. No one could have predicted COVID-19 transform the global economy in the way that it has. Industry verticals have been shaken to their core.  People are rethinking their real estate property investment decisions; thus we have seen a sharp decline in overall property sales. Hence, realtors need to revise their selling strategies. The following article provides some helpful tips on how to do so. 

Follow three guidelines by Ram Duriseti

The presence of a global pandemic does not necessarily need to affect realtors’ ability to sell property. Ram Duriseti, who takes sufficient interest in real estate trends and developments, suggests the following tactics. 


  • Make every effort to reassure the clients


Keeping in mind the global pandemic, it is natural for your client to be hesitant. They will most likely have many doubts, which could make them withdraw their desire to purchase a property. It is in this moment that realtors should provide the necessary assurance. Are you waiting for your clients to reach out to you? If yes, you should rethink your move. It behooves realtors to take the first step and inquire about clients’ property purchasing decision. Make the call, set up virtual meetings, follow through. If you do decide to meet in person, take care to follow proper safety protocols. Before opening your office to outside foot traffic, you should sanitize it completely. Then, you should make sure that you provide both your clients and limited staff at the office with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): 

  • Gloves of multiple sizes.
  • Protective eye gear, face shields if needed, and face masks.
  • Multiple hand sanitizers, medicated sprays, and wipes.
  • Booties for shoes.

These PPEs can reduce your chance of exposure and keep your office space free of germs. 


  • Your property listings should be appealing


Tech-savvy realtors are starting to utilize virtual showings and other online real estate tools as tactics. These tools seemed to be impossible a few years back. Today, the global pandemic has made moving online the reality. Taking advantage of the tools available online will ensure that your listings receive the online clicks, and thus look more appealing to safety-conscious clients. Virtual showings will replace in-person walk-throughs, as they meet social distancing and other safety protocols. 

You should also make your website visually appealing. Take time to revamp and modernize your website design, as people are now, more than ever previewing listings online before they visit. You should ensure your brand is cohesive and easily identifiable to make your business stand out from the crowd. 


  • Level up your social media game


Realtors face many challenges in connecting with prospective clients. The way to go ahead with real estate business promotion is social media marketing and promotions. Take time to make posts on social media and engage with your clients. Try and leverage Instagram Stories and other platforms to showcase property listings and share appealing images of residential and commercial properties. It will promote your business even when you cannot meet clients in person. 

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, realtors need to exercise specific caution. There are many options to move your business online and remain engaged with potential clients while still following safety protocols. The above tactics are some of the best guidelines one can follow to operate a successful business.

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