Guide to Dehydrating Foods: Which Are Easy to Dehydrate?


Did you know that cucumbers are the food that has the highest water content at 95%?

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is an easy way to boost your water intake if you aren’t as diligent about drinking water as you’d like. However, these foods can get bland fast.

If you want to treat yourself to a new culinary experience, then dehydrating foods is a fun way to thrill your taste buds. Keep reading to learn about easy food to dehydrate, so you can have successful experiments.

1. Fruits

Dehydrated fruits are one of the most rewarding foods to work with because the textures are delightful. Apples and bananas can make chips with a satisfying crunch, while fruit purees can turn into fruit leather.

You can pop small whole fruits like berries or slices of any larger fruits into your dehydrator to eat on their own or mix into a hearty homemade granola.

2. Vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables will also find a special place in your heart once you realize how simple and yummy the results are. If you aren’t in the mood for sweet chips, then you can create savory vegetable chips that are much lower in calories than traditional fried potato chips.

Dehydrated veggies can also add more depth to dishes like soup.

3. Meats

Who doesn’t love munching on flavorful strips of jerky when they need a hefty dose of protein? With the right seasonings and learning how long to dehydrate jerky, you can save tons of money on store-bought products.

Beef, poultry, pork, and even fish can all be transformed into jerky.

4. Fresh Herbs

One of the best food dehydration tips is to preserve any food that would otherwise go bad. We’ve all bought or grown fresh herbs with the intention of spicing up our meals, but they can wilt quite fast.

To extend their lifespan, all you have to do is pop them in your dehydrator. They’ll taste yummy sprinkled on top of finished dishes, or you can even rehydrate them in a rich sauce.

5. Sprouted Grains

Lots of people don’t know that it’s possible to sprout your own grains to make your food even more nutritious and easier to digest. Since sprouting can take some time, some prefer to make big batches.

If you don’t plan on eating your wholesome sprouted grains right away, you can pop them in your dehydrator to lock in those nutrients for a long time.

Are You Ready to Start Dehydrating Foods?

Learning how to dehydrate food isn’t as tricky as you might think. If you follow this guide on dehydrating foods, all you have to do is pop in your favorite ingredients and let the machine do all the work for you.

Not only does sharpening your cooking skills help you enjoy tastier meals, but you can also save a shocking amount of money. If you’d like to know other tips that will help you level up in the kitchen, our blog is your greatest resource. Take some time to explore the rest of our site, so you can access delicious recipes and advice.

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