A Guide to Enjoying Melbourne With Young Children


You might not already know it, but Melbourne is referred to by some as the young-at-heart city of Australia. There are plenty of amusements, attractions, sites, and places to enjoy here for the whole family, so you can have a great trip and enjoy this awesome city together. The kids will have so much fun you’ll think that Melbourne was designed for them!

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Learn at Melbourne Museum


This museum is intended for people of all ages, although it does concentrate on youngsters. The science and life gallery will definitely enchant your kids with it’s dinosaur, marine life, and bug exhibits. The insects are alive – making it all the more exciting for your kids! There are also jungle displays including birds, lizards and fish. You’ll have lots of fun too – your airport parking in Melbourne will be the last thing on your mind!


Take a Ride on the Free City Tram


The free tram ride is one of the most exciting things to do in the city, and children are known for not wanting to get off! Not only is it free, it’s a great way to see the city sites. The Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is nearby – a loved eatery of children due to the sweet desserts.


Explore the Eureka Skydeck


All kids who plan on becoming an astronaut will love it here. From the skydeck, you’ll get to view some of the most amazing views that Melbourne has to offer – you’ll literally feel on top of the world! You can even walk in to a class cube suspended 1000 feet above ground level if you’re a bit of a daredevil!


Enjoy the Sea life at Melbourne Aquarium


Fish, sharks, and starfish are abundant here – perfect for children who enjoyed learning about the creepy crawlies Melbourne Museum. Make sure you check the feeding times so your children can get involved with feeding the fish – an experience they’ll never forget. Penguins, sea turtles, and other interesting creatures also live here. You could pay for the kids to personally feed the fish – just remember to book this in advance!


Things to Remember


Melbourne is a very safe city, and is easily navigable even with children in tow. However, although you’re in Australia the mornings can actually be quite chilly, so make sure you’re well prepared. Your little ones will need to be dressed according to the season in order for them to thoroughly enjoy themselves.


There are literally an endless amount of things you can do in Melbourne with your children. You could spend whole days at the Aquarium, Zoo, and Luna Park – you’ll never get bored! However, you could travel a little further and visit places like Phillip Island, which includes cute and interesting penguins that the kids will love!


Providing you plan your trip to Melbourne properly including plenty of rest and snack stops for the kids, and make sure you have the right clothing to keep them comfortable; you’ll have a wonderful time as a family!

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