Great romantic gestures for Valentine’s Day


The dust may not yet have settled upon Christmas and New Year, but it’s already time to start thinking about another special holiday that’s just around the corner: Valentine’s Day. This is the occasion for showing your partner, and those that you hold dear, just what they mean to you. You see, while it’s nice to be romantic throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is that one special occasion when there are no rules; when gigantic soppy gestures are not only acceptable but expected.

The arrival of February 14 is a perfect excuse to tell a special someone that you’ve been thinking about them, to reiterate the smaller gestures that you may make anyway, or to make up for a perceived lack of romance during the rest of the year. Put simply, Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers – and an excuse to go to town.

Now that we’ve established the importance of showing that special someone how you feel next Valentine’s Day, all that’s left is finding the best gift, or making the right gesture – which is perhaps easier said than done…

A few of those perfect gestures

The very best and most memorable romantic gestures aren’t always the grandest or even the most expensive; sometimes it’s enough to vocalize how you feel or to represent your relationship by way of a small gift or a token gesture. Massages, a movie evening or undertaking particularly unfavorable household chores, for example, are equally wonderful gestures, but if you’re still spoiled for choice – or simply stuck – then read on for further inspiration.

Show that you’ve listened

We all like to know that we’re being listened to, particularly by loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, show your other half that you’re always listening to them, and that their words are worth remembering, by drawing upon past experiences that they may have told you about.

Does your partner have a favorite book, place or possession from their childhood? Have you shared particularly good memories during a special holiday or while attending an event? One of the greatest romantic gestures you could make is to show your loved one that you treasure what they have to say, and that their desires, memories and thoughts are important to you.

Buy that book, memorialize that place or replicate the journey you took together. Even undertaking a task or completing a project you know to be a particular bugbear will put you in good stead for a great Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is considered an ideal time to propose to a significant other, so if you didn’t get around to popping the question during the Christmas period, now would be a wonderful time to concoct what you’d like to say and how you’d like the moment to happen.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to planning the perfect proposal, with treasure hunts, romantic getaways and spontaneous bended knees among the most popular choices. Do you and your partner have a favorite spot – a vacation destination that you’ve always wanted to visit or a restaurant that’s played an integral role throughout your time together? Perhaps there’s an artist you’ve been desperate to see in concert, or a song that you dance to together whenever it’s on; choose your setting and the rest will fall into place.

The ring that will take center stage during the proposal is important too, of course. Diamonds, such as those created by Winsome Diamonds and Jewelry (WDJ) often make the most spectacular entrances during occasions such as this, and it’s little wonder that amorous men and women are still so keen to use the gem during their proposals. Chaired by industry expert,  Jatin Mehta,  WDJ creates timeless pieces that are exquisitely studded with sparkling diamonds – a diamond ring is about so much more than the moment.

Say it with food

They say that the secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that statement has never been truer than when it comes to choosing a great romantic gesture. Picnics at beauty spots, cooking a favorite evening meal, shared cookery classes, breakfast in bed or an elegant evening out are all popular ways to show a person that you care about them, so why not start planning a menu, a shopping list or an itinerary, right away.

Get creative

Write a poem, pen a love letter, bake a cake, draw a picture that represents your relationship, make an ornament or keepsake, sing a song or record a mix tape; whatever you do to show your significant other how much they’re loved and admired, be sure to give a gift or make a gesture that will mean something, long after the excitement of Valentine’s Day has died down.

Okay, so you may not be the best wordsmith, the greatest cook or even the handiest at DIY, but the thought and effort that you put into next February 14 is likely to be your most appreciated attempt at romance. What’s more, by being creative, you’ll save yourself a little cash in the process, which is ideal for spoiling your loved one on any other day of the year.

Valentine’s Day may be a little way off yet, but don’t let that put you off planning your romantic gesture. Indeed, though the greatest gestures are often the cheapest and most personal, it never hurts to put plenty of thought into your grand plan. Imagining the look on your loved one’s face as February 14 dawns should act as wonderful inspiration.

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