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*Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the BD/DVD I am featuring in this Blog Post. The Opinions I share are my own.*

This is the time of year I usually flounder around trying to find the best gifts for everyone on my list. I am never sure what to get some people. One of my go to items, that are usually a huge success, are when I buy them movies or or a season of a TV series on DVD! These are a fairly affordable purchases and gives hours of watchable entertainment. Everyone loves a good movie or a binge watch of a favorite TV show. The following things I will share as a great purchase for a gift will be from Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Two of my favorite companies coming together to make amazing entertainment. 


This first gift idea, is aimed at the young girl in your life! My daughter is in love with DC Superhero Girls, and I am fairly certain she has most of the action figures. She loves seeing Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana working together to navigate the craziness of High School. I even enjoyed this movie immensely, seeing some of my favorite super hero girls in a high school setting. Warner Bros. brings a unique twist with DC Super Hero Girls, and has me loving them even more. DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year is a fun, energetic movie that will bring you, and the little girl on your list, lots of laughter! 


Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is a great gift idea for the Batman loving boy on your list, young or old! I have been in love with Batman since I was little and even my daughter wanted to marry Batman, up until a couple years ago. I told her he was an excellent pick, he could protect her and provide pretty well for her. Jokes aside, this is an amazing movie! My favorite Batman is the Adam West version. It is just iconic and everyone should experience it. This is a great full length animated Batman movie that has Batman voiced by Adam West! This part had me very excited. It is a great movie brought to us by Warner Bros. that will make any Batman fan very happy. 


I love the Batman universe so much, I am a Gotham addict. I also know that this is a gift I am giving to my husband. After binge watching the first season of Gotham, I was able to get my husband to sit still long enough to enjoy it as well. The second season is just as gritty and amazing as the first. I love yelling out who each character becomes and watching Gordon’s story in the universe before Batman becomes… well, Batman. I love how dark it is, this is certainly for the adult Batman lover in your life. The acting is amazing and I really enjoy the storyline of each episode! You will not be disappointed with Gotham: The Complete Second Season

These are all amazing gifts to give over the holidays! I would love if any one of these were even under the tree for me this year. The grittiness of Gotham, The nostalgia with Batman and the fun with DC Superhero girls! Great options for everyone on your list regardless of age, with the exception of Gotham of course. Add these to your shopping list and watch the excitement on their faces. I would also say, add them to your gift list. 

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