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I don’t know about anyone else but I am so glad I found this company called Cleanify. Here’s why my daughter-in-law just had a baby not too long ago and both she and her husband have been catering to their little bundle of joy needs every hour. With Brenda just having the baby, housework is out of the question and of course, her husband is doing all he can to address their housework like they normally do but they definitely can use a little more help.

When I go over to visit I assist them and so have many others but soon Brenda will need a little more help since her hubby will be headed back to work soon. So I thought to myself ….what a wonderful gift Cleanify would make for them both.

cleanifyyyyyyyyyyyYou see Cleanify will allow me to book a good cleaning service right off their website. All I have to do is add Brenda’s city, phone number and email and before long a list of cleaning services will appear with rates.  Cleanify will then connect me to the best cleaning services in Brenda’s neighborhood. So not only will I find a good cleaning service I’ll also find a good service that won’t be too far away from her home! This will be great for Brenda plus Brenda can fully manage her service via online herself anytime and she can see what Cleanify recommends for her like the cheapest and highest reviewed cleaner options for her services, ensuring a perfect match.


No matter if she needs her home tidy up or a good hard core cleaning, Cleanify will help her find the cleaning service she needs to match her home cleaning needs.


Do you know Cleanify is the first, and only, cleaning service marketplace? Cleanify also offers five options you can choose from to address your cleaning concerns in your home.  Cleanify can clean after you’ve moved out of your current home or before you move into your new home, so keep them in mind for that too! They even offer Deep Cleaning services for your home or business, after all, we also need to make sure our businesses are clean and fresh just like our homes!

It’s also good to know that if Brenda wants to schedule a regular cleaning she has that option too, I’m telling you Cleanify has enough options to find just what services you need to clean your house the way you like!

All cleaners are given a platform to sell their services and choose where, when and how much they charge. Additionally, they are given business tools to manage their service and optimize their crew’s routes and schedules.

Well, what do you think? I think Cleanify would make a great gift for Brenda right now! This way she can concentrate on the baby and let Cleanify help her find a well-qualified cleaning service in her area that can help tidy up her home until she’s back on her feet.

Remember this also if you are a housecleaner, Cleanify would be the perfect website to list your business for free with just a basic listing OR  sign up for an annual plan.



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