Getting Used to the Mompreneur Lifestyle: 5 Things to Help You Succeed


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Let’s face it, running a business is difficult. There’s a lot at stake, numerous conflicts at play, and if we’ve got kids as well, this means we are attempting to spin so many plates. But rather than feeling like the entrepreneurial life is something completely separate from us that we’ve got to deal with, it’s far better to jump in and engage with this way of life. This is why becoming accustomed to the entrepreneurial life is critical. There’s a lot to do, so let’s dive in!

Be Realistic

One of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur is that flexibility and malleability should be second nature to you. Part of the reason we start an entrepreneurial life is because we want more control over our time, but this means we’ve got to be disciplined and also realistic. There are things that we can all do to make sure that we are being realistic, like, for example, setting a schedule that works for yourself and your family. But you should also be realistic when it comes to the state of your business. 

There will be times when we need to firefight, and this also means that we end up having many late nights and putting ourselves through the wringer. It’s critical to have some form of professional support in place because this doesn’t just help you to deal with these problems effectively, but it also gives you greater insight into what you are doing wrong. Companies like can provide support to ensure your business is in rude health as well as address things like growth and employee effectiveness, and it’s all of these things that allow us a greater understanding of our business abilities. It’s important to be realistic and not necessarily overstretch our capabilities. You will learn, grow, and develop over time, which is why having your feet on the ground is vital.

Find a Support Network

The world of entrepreneurship is an alien concept to a lot of people. If you are the only person in your extended family who started a business, there’ll be plenty of people telling you how you should do things. But they are not in your shoes, and they need to learn how to button up on occasion! 

The toughest thing for you to do is to run a business while also dealing with domestic demands. They are two very separate things and require professionalism on one part and being incredibly emotional on the other, which can both be conflicting entities. This is why finding a support network of other entrepreneurs or those who understand what you’re going through will make a massive difference. 

When we find someone, whether it’s a mentor or someone who can just listen to our problems with a great deal of empathy, it will help us to thrash out ideas. And on those days when we’re feeling like we’re not able to cope, we can pick ourselves back up and return to the drawing board.

Get Your Mental Health in Check

Running a business is a very testing experience. It forces people to stretch themselves beyond their capabilities, and they invariably feel the pressure in one way or another. This is why our mental health should not be something that we check after we’ve done the heavy lifting, but is something that we should continually check in on. 

There will be times when your children don’t sleep, and then you’ve got to get up for a meeting with someone on the other side of the country at silly o’clock in the morning, and this means that you are not necessarily in the right headspace to do all of this. We can all feel that there’s a lot to do and it becomes too tough. But this is where you start to look at the benefits of a support network that can help you, and they can help you, but also recognize that in order to do this properly, you’ve got to have a more sustainable business structure. 

Delegation is one of those things that is essential to any business owner, and shows why delegation is so important in business from the business perspective, but from a mental health perspective. Avoiding the feeling that your head is just too full will ensure that you are able to deal with those duties far more effectively. We all feel that it’s too much to bear on occasion, and we can feel like we just want to step away, give it all up, and opt for something simpler. But you chose this path, and there’s a reason why you’ve gone down this route. It could be that you hated working for other people, and you had so many ideas that you wanted to take to the world. Don’t let one bad day or an obstacle derail you from something that could benefit your life.

Healthy Body, Healthy Entrepreneur

If you are trying to get accustomed to a life that was once out of your reach but now you are a living, breathing embodiment of an entrepreneur, you may think that you’ve got to play the game that every other entrepreneur does and push themselves beyond their capabilities, thinking this is the only way to grow. 

The biggest issue with this is that over time, we gradually deplete our resources. One of the simplest ways to look after yourself is to look after your body. This means the same old recommendations: sleep, diet, and exercise. 

When it comes to sleep, make sure that you are properly resting because it’s all about quality sleep, not quantity. Diet is not a temporary thing and should be a lifestyle change. Look at the things that make you feel sluggish, perhaps by keeping a food diary, and start to avoid those foods. You may also not be eating enough to deal with your working day, so you may want to look at this too. 

Additionally, exercise is something that may seem tough to fit in, especially if you want to do it properly, but this is where we’ve got to incorporate the idea of exercise snacks. Standing desks mean you are on your feet for longer, so you don’t succumb to postural problems associated with sitting down. But also, every now and again, doing a little bit of running on the spot, having walking meetings, doing a couple of press-ups, and anything that is short and sharp will all contribute to the greater good that is your health. Lots of entrepreneurs get up early and hit the gym, but if this is not your style, then that’s fine. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you remain healthy. In fact, there have been studies that show exercising in short bursts might be more effective than those arduous gym sessions!

Remember Who You’re Doing This for

Becoming accustomed to the entrepreneurial life as a parent is a very difficult thing indeed, and you may feel that parental guilt that you’re not spending as much time with your children as you should. It’s during these moments we need to remember who we are doing this for, and while there may be a lot of demands on our time and therefore our children are not able to see us as much, making sure that we prioritize good quality family time rather than quantity, but also recognize that, in fact, being an entrepreneur is, in essence, a short-term goal. 

If you want to have a better life for your kids, being an entrepreneur can certainly come with a lot of money and perks, but you’ve got to think big picture here! You can become accustomed to the entrepreneurial life in totally different ways than just hitting the office for 12 hours a day, and you are in the position where you are running your own business and therefore you have the say. Make the decision to not just help yourself, but help your kids as well.

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