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My husband loves his Mediflow Pillow.  He has severe neck pain, due to stenosis.  The Mediflow Pillow eases the pain, and helps him to sleep comfortably.  He says he’s never felt this much relief from anything, since his injury. 

I’ve used the Mediflow Pillow when he’s not in bed yet, and it’s crazy how much of a relaxation I feel, when I use it.  I become completely relaxed, and it helps to make me sleep more comfortably.  The Mediflow Pillow is a great product.


Pillows for Neck Pain – Restore, Refresh, Soothe

  • Wake up refreshed and revived with the ultra-supportive best pillows for neck pain. Stop suffering with chronic pain and stiffness. Try a pillow that gives your neck, back and shoulders the comfort of customizable support.
  • A Mediflow® water pillow is easy to fill and fully adjustable to your own pillow preferences. If you prefer a firm therapeutic neck pillow, then fill the Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow with more water. If you enjoy a softer neck pillow, limit the amount of water that you put in these Mediflow® pillows. Either way your comfort is assured, because you are in complete control of the firmness of your pillow. You can modify your level of comfort whenever you desire.
    Long-Lasting Therapeutic Comfort
    Have you had it with all those therapeutic pillows that make bold claims of comfort but fall short when it comes to basic neck support? Memory foam therapeutic neck pillows are often advertised as the end-all-be-all solution for chronic neck and back pain. Touted as the ultimate neck pillows, memory foam pillows are not adjustable. Mediflow®’s pillow can be adjusted to a perfect firmness for the shape of your neck. This is a key feature of water pillows. Mediflow®’s pillows for neck pain provide long-lasting comfort for years to come. If you want a fully adjustable, therapeutic support pillow, Mediflow® offers the best pillows for neck pain money can buy.
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  • Get A Good Night’s Sleep with our Pillows for Neck Pain
    Mediflow®’s Waterbase® sleep pillow is a neck support bed pillow that helps relieve neck stiffness and allows for better sleep. It is the best pillow for neck support on the market today. Mediflow®’s homeopathic sleep solution will help you fall asleep in comfort and wake up feeling rejuvenated!

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