Does Bird Netting Enhance Productivity of Crops?


Just as you need to do a market survey before starting any business, similarly you need an environmental survey before growing any crop so that you must know the major threats that can be arise from the environment. Crops are highly environment sensitive because they remain in direct contact with external environment. In short, you need to undergo feasibility study before taking a big leap of your life.


Talking about environmental threats, in addition to pests, birds are the major threat for any crop. Never get betrayed from the small size of birds, although they are very small creatures but they require just a few minutes to ruin any crop. The worst thing about birds, which goes against us, is that they always attack in the form of groups means hundreds of birds attack at one crop at a time and do not leave it until it is fully damaged. We the humans although strong enough as compared to birds but we cannot keep them away from our crops, but what we can do is covering our crops by way of using bird netting.

It is generally perceived that bird nettings keeps birds away but this is not all, there are various other benefits offered by these nettings about which people are still unaware. Does bird nettings effects or enhances the productivity of crops? This question is asked by several people so I decided to answer this question in detail.

Bird nettings definitely enhance the productivity of crops. Bird wastes and bites damages the crop and nettings keep the crops safe from both these things. This is one way how nettings enhance productivity. It can be seen from other perspective as well. In the presence of nettings, the amount of damaged crops decreases to zero which leads to increased productivity. Here I must tell you that nettings not only increases productivity but also improves the quality of crops being produced leading to an increased demand for your product in the market.

Other advantage of bird netting is all about health issues. Of course, we all know that birds came from different places with different foods intake. Researchers say that birds’ droppings may have brought life-threatening diseases so if it hits your fruit crops eventually your products will be affected also. Bird nets are also called environment-friendly tool, instead of killing them you can save them because you are only covering your fruit crops unlike other methods of pest control such as pesticides and aroma repellant products. 

So next time when you grow any crop no matter which one then do not forget to use nettings. Aside from good quality and healthy production, you are abiding the law because of saving the birds. is a known online platform that provides nettings, vineyard posts, crossarms, fencing and other related materials to land owners and cultivators. Just simply contact them via the internet and they will transact with you right away. Nothing compares dealing with the experts because they will eventually provide you with accurate supplies for your vineyard.  


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