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Have you ever heard the song ” I Feel Pretty”? I will admit that I am not singing that song a whole lot. I rarely feel pretty. Of course it is hard to feel pretty when you are running on about 2 hours sleep, no make up and wearing pajamas you may or may not have washed that week. I have found the older I get the less I care.

The question is, should it be like that? Why is it when you become a Mom you forget that you can still look pretty? Before I had kids my hair and make up was done everyday. I got dressed everyday and I actually left the house. Sometimes those days feel like a lifetime ago. That somewhere along the way I died and this pod person was left. After I had the girls and they started school I realized it was a lot less time consuming to wash my face, put on moisturizer, and throw my hair in a bun. It was easier to throw on a sweatshirt and leggings. It gave me time to deal with the drama of having girls that had no idea what they wanted to wear that day. At one point, in between the sticky faces and the pimples, I lost me. I became…Mom.

I used to envy the Moms that brought their kids to school looking like they just walked off the runway in Paris. Where did they find the time to look like that? Did they have nannies that dealt with the kids in the morning? Did they have a magic chef that fixed breakfast for the kids while they got ready? What was their secret? You could always tell the “cliques”. The Moms that looked more like me would stand in one spot and the Moms that looked like them would stand in another spot. It was very high schoolish and when I started homeschooling the girls I was glad to leave all that behind.

A few weeks ago I realized that I could possibly be going crazy. I had a health scare back in July and I realized I am older. I realized that I could die and leave my girls. Now every time I have a headache or a twinge of pain I freak out. It has seriously changed my life. It is hard living in fear everyday. But it also changed something else. It made me realize that life is short. Life is to short not to wear the red lipstick or buy the $200 bag you have had your eye on. You don’t know what tomorrow brings so take the time to put the makeup on and dress like you walked off the Paris runway that morning. 

Depressed yet? Don’t be because it’s not to late. It isn’t to late to get your bling on. Be a Mom but be you. You are important too. Don’t forget that. The other day I had a chance to go somewhere special. I dressed up, did my makeup, did my hair, and I wore the bling. I didn’t care if people looked at me. I felt pretty and I sang that song at the top of my lungs. You know what? My girls laughed. They enjoyed this “crazy Mom”. They kept telling me how pretty I looked and I loved every minute of it.

Am I still scared? Yep, every day. It changed me and I don’t know how to go back to the person I was before that. But I have learned a lot more. I live each day now and I am a lot happier. I bling it up even if I sitting at the computer every day. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but I know tonight I will be drinking that glass of wine and figuring out which piece of bling I am buying next.

The necklace I wore the night I went out is the one pictured above. If you ever want to stand out, wear it. It sparkles and shines. It gets you noticed. I love it! It is from AtStyle247. They have amazing jewelry at really good prices. If you really want to add some bling to your wardrobe I would suggest checking them out! Here is a little more about them:

ATStyle247 is a New York City-based online boutique created to provide women of the world access to outstanding jewelry and accessory design at very affordable prices. Our mission is to fill the niche we saw in current online boutiques, which either lacked quality production or interesting design; we strive to provide both to our customers.

Our costume jewelry, scarves, watches, and accessories are timeless – our designs can be worn today, and years from now – and current – as many of our best selling items are inspired by this season’s runway  collections. We follow the trends, so you can just follow us!

The founder of ATStyle247 has 25 years of fashion design and sourcing experience from around the world. She spends eight months every year on the road, identifying new designers, producers and workshops, mostly in Asia and the Far East, to manufacture our designs, many of which are completed by hand.

Every workshop is vetted, their products are randomly sampled, then tested for resilience, consistency, and durability, before ATStyle247 agrees to feature any new product on our website. You should be confident that our products will be both stylish and long-lasting.

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I received the jewelry above to review. Even though this post is sponsored by AtStyle247 everything I said came from the heart. I just happened to be wearing that piece of jewelry the day I went out. I meant everything I said and life really is too short. Buy the bling. Live a little. xoxo


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