Geometric Fringe Earings by Flawed Perfection Jewelry


Have you ever looked through your jewelry box and wished you had something custom made to your liking? Something that was different from your everyday wear? Maybe even something that will make others go “Oooooooooh?”

Well I did. I wanted something different, something a little expensive, but well made. That’s when I found Flawed Perfection Jewelry.

Megan is the artist at Flawed Perfection, and she is absolutely amazing! Here’s a little bit about her:

After a long love affair with jewelry and making jewelry, I launched my business when I was 18, right out of high school, in August 2009. Since I have my Accredited Jewelry Professional certification from the Gemological Institute of America, you can trust that I understand how to create the perfect piece for you!

Born, raised, and currently residing in North San Diego County, California, I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. In 2012, I expanded my line to include designs made with  Swarovski® crystals, most of which can be customized. Customers love that they can create their own combos with the wide array of color and design options.

I love that you are able to customize your own jewelry and that it will always be as you envisioned it! She just knows how to capture your wishes!

You’re probably wondering what I chose right? Well I didn’t have mine custom made. Nope. As I was browsing, I actually found exactly what I wanted.

These gorgeous Geometric Fringe Earrings.


They were the exact color I wanted and they’re made with Swavroski Crystals. I immediately fell in love with them, and didn’t even look at anything else. Chances were, I was going to fall in love with even more items!

Just taking a quick glance, already tells me that I can easily spend my hubby’s paycheck in one sitting!

Here’s another pair that is absolutely dazzling!


***This design is part of the Customized Sparkle™ line.***

  • Want a pair of earrings that are both modern and vintage in feel? These earrings perfectly mix metal and colorful sparkle for a look that is HOT for 2014.
  • These earrings feature stainless steel “fringe” accented by sparkling Swarovski® crystal beads. They have fishhook earwires.
  • *Please note: Definitely wear your included rubber earnuts to prevent the earrings from falling out when you are dancing the night away.*


You even have the option to upgrade to a latch back for the earrings for an extra $5! Of course that’s totally up to you and only if you want to add extra security to your earrings.


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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Sherri Foster
Sherri Foster
8 years ago

.Jewelry is a very intimate part of a ladies wardrobe and hand made jewelry is the best way to get that perfect signature piece ! Love the fringe and the variety of being able to choose your colors of crystals.

margaret peg m
margaret peg m
8 years ago

i have dabbled in jewelry-making and know how talented and skilled you must be to put out a quality product (still workin’ on it)….the earrings are beautiful.