Fun Activities for Families on A Budget


Christmas is right around the corner and already a lot of us are starting to feel our wallets start to get a little light. Whilst we funnel away cash for the holidays the day to day things we treat ourselves with can fall to the wayside because of financial restrictions. Especially if you like spending money on things such as the best uk slot games in your spare time, I mean who doesn’t.

That’s why we’ve picked out our five favorite things to try with out kids when the budget gets a little tight around the holidays.

Homemade Jigsaw

This is arguably the most popular, simplest and quickest thing to throw together that you can try with your kids. Just take some old family photos that you’re not too worried about cutting up then slice out intricate patterns on them and turn them into jigsaws.

Your kids will love making them and they get to enjoy a new toy that has the face of their loved ones on it.

Create Your Own Bingo Game

Making your own Bingo game is another great place to start. All you need is some paper, pens and something you can turn into a tumbler, if you’re struggling some paper numbers in a hat can also work.

If you’re note sure about how to setup a proper bingo game or card, then head over Umbingo to see how it’s done properly. You can choose any topic, it can be sports, celebrities, video game characters or even household objects that your kids have to go and find.

We recommend picking items around your house, games will be quicker to setup and your house will get a little tidier as a nice positive side-effect of it.

Arts & Craft Project

At some point we’ve all given our kids a pot of paint and watched them wreak havoc with it. But, if you can’t afford paints then why not try turning old household items into works of art.

For example, take some old plant pots, run some string through them, tie the ends and you have a make-shift set of stilts. Or you can try the classic alligator out of an egg-holder if you have any old cartons lying around.

The trick is to turn any of your trash into something creative your kids can be proud of.

Change Up Your Garden

If the weathers nice then why not take the kids into the garden and introduce them to seed-beds or baby planters.

Why not give them their own space in the garden that they can look after. Not only will your kids love having a project, this will help them take ownership and pride over their own garden later in life. Although try to pick something that won’t die easily.

The Verdict

These are just a couple of fun activities you can try for yourself if your families on a budget. Each one guarantees hours of enjoyment for you and your kids, so the next time your kids are sitting around bored why not dig a few of these out to keep them entertained.

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