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Frownies Facial Patches and other creams and other products help smooth skin and reduce wrinkles appearance over night. We recently had the opportunity to work with Frownies and review three of their products free of charge.

I was excited before ever receiving these products because they are made of better stuff than many of their competitors! Plant-based properties! I hate putting things I can’t pronounce on my skin or in my body. With the Frownies products I notice long names, but I can pronounce them all and trace them all back to a plant source. They’re also free of mineral oil, paraben and are non-GMO … these products are ones I can really feel good about putting on my skin!

On to the Frownies products!

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First Up:  Frownies PH-Balancing Complexion Wash 

The most important part of having younger looking skin is having clean skin. Frownies PH-Balancing Complexion Wash allows you to achieve clean and healthy skin without drying out your skin.

My Thoughts: This has to be the gentlest but most effective facial cleanser I’ve had the chance to try – and with sensitive combination skin I have tried plenty! It foams and gently cleans the skin, leaving it soft and almost silky to the touch. Since I have combination skin I usually have the ‘Goldilocks” delimma – cleansers are either drying or oily, but never a great mix of the two. Enter Frownies Complexion Wash … gentle, effective and perfect for my combo skin! 

Within a few days of trying this I could tell a difference in my skin’s softness (and my breakouts … shhhh! Don’t tell! I hate being an adult with breakouts!). This will definitely be on my list of products to purchase in the future!


Second product: Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum 

I mentioned before that I have combination skin? Well, the thing I didn’t mention is that because my skin is so sensitive I usually have itchy areas (right at my chin-line!) and areas more prone to breakout than others. Zits are no fun, whether you’re 16 or 37 (or somewhere in between!). The serum helped my skin feel healthier. More radiant, but not oily or dry – my skin didn’t itch or otherwise show any sensitivity either. 

The Immune Shield Serum is also indicated for fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and while I haven’t noticed a change here I haven’t used it long enough to give a great review of those properties. So far I’d say the deeper level of care the serum provides is making a real difference on the quality of my skin – it’s softer, old scars are harder to see, the irritation is lessoned, and the *coughs* zits *coughs* are greatly improved as well!

Last up: Frownies Immune Perféct Wrinkle Cream

The Immune Perféct cream is one of the first ever creams I’ve used that didn’t leave my skin feeling oily (I almost didn’t try this one because I was sure it would make my skin feel too oily). I can’t say for sure whether the cream or the serum is having the greater effect on the quality of my skin, but I think the combination is helping it immensely.  

The cream is indicated for wrinkles as well, but again I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the fine lines I have around my eyes and mouth yet, but my greater concern was just how unhealthy my skin looked overall. And there is no denying that the combination of products has made a difference, for the better, for my skin. 

I’ll have to come back with photos, but since I haven’t made it a full month through the trial of the products I don’t feel comfortable trying to post before and after pictures. If you want to see some examples of the kind of changes you could see, you might check out the Frownies site Before and After section

If you would like more information or to purchase any of the products mentioned, please visit the Frownies Website. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and products from Frownies by following their social media pages on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. While you are there be sure to follow Mom Blog Society on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: Mom Blog Society received product free of charge to write our review. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. We were in no way compensated for our review or opinion.

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