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Well, it’s official we have definitely entered the cold season and yes, this is the time of year when many of us catch the Flu Virus or a bad Cold.

Now keep in mind that it is very important to learn which kind of illness you may have because the flu can have serious complications to your health. So being able to treat the right diagnosis is very important. Let’s say you have the flu, well it is known that flu treatments work best within 48 hours of the time symptoms start.

That’s why it is very important to pay attention to your symptoms so you can receive the proper treatment to help you feel better and recover properly.




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Like symptoms of the Influenza: which is a cold virus that is very infectious and spreads through respiratory droplets. Dr. Cliff James will inform you that Influenza can become one of the sickest times you’re ever going to be and yes it’s true since I have experienced having influenza.

He speaks about recognizing symptoms of Influenza  like:

Sudden High Fever

Sever Body Ache



Runny Nose

Now as for the Flu, Dr. James go on to mention that the flu has common secondary infections like:


Ear Infections

Sinus Infection

Dehydration Even Death

Dr. James also mentions about a vaccine that is available for all age groups, babies, and elderly. He even speaks about many concerns parents have about getting the flu shot and still contracting the flu. He speaks about how there are different strains of flu and how only about 60% of vaccine work.

The best thing to remember is, if you have serious medical issues he recommends that everyone in your surroundings get vaccinated and also small children and the elderly. I love how he also recommends that you speak with your physician to see what his recommendations are for getting the flu shot.


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