Winning the Battle Against Bacteria: Discover Where Germs Hide in Your Home


Home is where the heart is.  It’s also where bacteria breeds.  Germs hide in your home in the most unlikely of places.  The war against germs starts with awareness.  Pay attention to the following in order to seek and destroy bacteria.  Come well prepared to the battles so you can keep your family safe and win the war against germs.

Germ-Filled Areas

Ironically, the most comfortable areas of the home, where you spend the most time, is where germs hide and breed.  For example, the kitchen is the meeting place for many families, but it’s also an area for bacteria to spread.  The kitchen sink, cutting board, countertops, stovetops, shelf handles, etc. are crawling with germs and bacteria.  If you’re cooking on a regular basis, be mindful of where you prep and place raw food.

The same is true for the family room.  Bookshelves, television remotes, coffee table tops, magazines, etc. all contain germs.  The more traffic that comes through the area, the more likely it’s brimming with bacteria.  It requires dedication and effort, but a daily cleaning is well worth keeping your family healthy and germ-free.

Grimy Toothbrush

Would you brush your teeth with a dirty brush?  Of course, you wouldn’t, but if you’re leaving the brush out near the bathroom sink, it’s likely that it is already infected.  For one, anyplace near the toilet can attract germs, including the bathroom floor and top of the sink.  Moreover, after brushing, your brush is filled with food particles and microbes from saliva.  If you’re not thoroughly rinsing it with hot water after each use, it could be filled with bacteria.  Replace your toothbrush every three months.

Dirty Cell

It’s likely that one of the dirtiest things you own is in your pocket or beside you right now.  Think of all the places you go with and how many times you touch your smartphone throughout the day.  You leave it on desks, on top of the car, hand it to other people, and touch it with dirty hands all day.  Wipe down your phone each day with disinfectant wipes to free yourself of the potential to attract unwanted germs that can lead to colds, flu, and other viruses.

Shoe-Filled Home

Next, think of all the places you travel throughout the day.  Your shoes come across the dirtiest of places.  The moment you step in your home with those shoes, you’re bringing in all of the grimy, outside elements.  Rather than have family members bring in all sorts of nasty germs, make it a rule that no one can wear shoes in the house.  Invest in slippers which are comfier and much safer for the entire family, especially cats and dogs.

Used Sheets

We spend a third of our lives sleeping.  That leaves a lot of opportunities for germs to live and breed in our sheets.  Wash bedding materials in hot water at least once per week.  The same goes for dirty clothes.  Try to get to the laundry every few days, and don’t allow wet clothes to sit in the hamper for more than 24 hours.

Bacteria Bathtub

The toothbrush concept applies to the shower and bathtub.  Like a used toothbrush, the shower area is filled with what you remove from your body.  However, it’s not as if all of the dirt and grime comes off your body, goes down the drain, and out of the home.  Some of the dirt and grime stays on shower tiles, floors, and curtains.  Actually, more bacteria can be in your bathtub than your trashcan depending on how well and often you clean.  Be sure to scrub your bathroom at least once a week, including all tiles and knobs.  In worst-case scenarios, waste that is supposed to go down the drain comes back due to a clog or sewage issue.  Cleaning after a sewage backup is essential to healthy living.

Uninvited Guests

Your home is used for entertaining guests, yet invited parties can bring uninvited germs and bacteria.  Be sure to clean your home after each visitation.  And though it may make you feel funny to ask, request that guests abide by the same no-show rules as the rest of the family.  Moreover, if you have a separate bathroom for guests, be sure to give it a good cleaning after they leave.  You may practice good hygiene, but you don’t know about the habits of others.  You don’t want to increase the likelihood of your family getting sick due to the germs of others.

Harry White has a background working in construction but is taking some extended paternity leave at the moment to enjoy time with his newborn son. He has discovered he’s quite apt at typing with 1 hand whilst rocking his son to sleep with the other!

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