First Impressions Count: Make An Impact With Your Home Exterior


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The exterior of your home is the first impression visitors get of the place where you live. Shabby chic might be a movement, but it certainly shouldn’t be applied to the outside of your house. A plush exterior shows you care about your property and create a warm and welcoming vibe. It also feels great to come back to a home that looks stylish, fresh and tidy. Make an impact and make those first impressions count.

Front Garden

Get rid of clutter, mismatched ornaments and any knick-knacks collecting outside your front garden. You want the approach to your house to be sleek and stylish. If you have space for plants, choose those that flower throughout the year. Peonies and daffodils are great for spring and acanthus and gladioli for summer. Dahlia and nerine are perfect in autumn and bergenia and snowdrops in the winter. Also, choose shrubs such as lavender and jasmine for a welcoming aroma. Make sure paintwork has been treated and is freshly painted. And lay gravel to prevent weeds or flagstone for a luxury look. Topiary plants either side of the doorway will also look elegant and plush. Also, think about lighting. Fairy lights create a magical feel, whereas vertical outdoor lights by the porch will give a sleek, contemporary look.

Front Door Colors

The front door is the one that makes an impact when it comes to guest’s first impressions. No one wants to ring your bell and be met with cobwebs or dust. Always keep this area clean and fresh. Create curb appeal with a statement-making door. Go for a style that is in keeping with the period of your house but also choose a color that lights your house up too.  Deep reds look exotic, aquamarine and turquoise give a Mediterranean vibe, and zingy lemon is bright and welcoming. Dark grays and plums are super chic, and navy against white woodwork looks exceptionally sophisticated.

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Your exterior windows don’t just make an impact from the outside but are also important from an inside perspective too. You want to see bright light streaming through or be able to watch the snow falling come Fall. They are important for security and safety and also for style. Companies specializing in home design exteriors can help guide you when you’re choosing your windows. You’ll want to pick a style that is aesthetically pleasing and works with the architectural design of your home. This could be anything from floor to ceiling windows in a modern property to characteristic diamond-shaped mullions in a Tudor period home. You will also want to think about the color of your window frames. You may want sparkling white, or deep navy, or even natural wood. Choosing an accent color can make the exterior of your home pop. Also, decide what functions you want from your windows. Many people choose a mixture of both fixed and operable windows.   


Your driveway also plays an important part when it comes to the first impressions of your home. Red brick, stone, and patterned borders can all add a touch of luxury to your driveway. Low voltage paver lights also add an element of indulgence to this space. And if you want to blow the budget? If you have space, consider investing in a revolving car turntable for the ultimate sumptuous driveway.

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Alison Palmer
7 years ago

I’m glad you reminded us to keep our front door area clean and free of cobwebs. It is one of my pet peeves.