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Life in the city is growing increasingly stressful. Access to employment and recreation is almost meaningless when you’re stuck in traffic all day. However alluring life in the city is, it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

A grand refuge from the anxious life in the city or suburbs exists in the magnificent state of Montana. Whether you are looking for a new location, a vacation home, or a simple cabin in the mountains, Montana provides all you could ever want from a real estate purchase.

Find a place to run away to far from the polluted air of the cities. Montana is waiting, and the reasons to purchase real estate increase every single day.

Fiscally Responsible

Buying land for sale in Montana has very little risk with a massive upside. The initial investment is cheap, and prices have been rising steadily. For landowners coming from places like California, you’ll be staggered by the cheap prices.

The median home value in Montana is a reasonable price of $233,200. This is a much cheaper price than the median price of a cabin in Truckee, California, which currently comes in above 1.1 million dollars.

If you can’t quite afford a house or cabin yet, then invest in a few acres of land. In 2017, the average price for land in Montana was only 1,000 dollars per acre. You could give your child land for the future.

Another fantastic financial aspect of buying land in Montana is the wealth of options you have once you purchase your land. Buying a portion of land in Montana doesn’t require that you build or renovate upon it, making it an easy investment.

World Class Scenery

If you are looking to purchase a home, land, or a cozy cabin for the purpose of observing scenery, then Montana is a no brainer.

Grand sunsets free from the toxic smog of the city illuminate the mountains every night when the sun goes down, giving rise to Montana’s title, “Big Sky Country.” Magnificent views of canyons, rivers, and mountains wait around every single turn. Abundant wildlife frolics freely away from the disturbance of cities and suburbs.

Yellowstone, the United States first national park, is located partially in Montana. One of the most celebrated national parks in the world, Yellowstone features enough wildlife and scenery to satisfy the biggest outdoor junky for a lifetime. Yellowstone Lake features one of the United States largest high elevation lakes and is truly a grand sight to behold.

If you’re a bigger fan of arid scenery, then Makoshika State Park will certainly provide it. The largest state park in Montana, covering 11,000 acres, features awesome rock formations and fossils. With two national parks and over 30 State parks, Montana is a must for real estate owners who love the scenery.

Abundance of Recreation

Purchasing real estate in Montana isn’t just a good idea for your wallet, and its offerings don’t stop at gorgeous sites. Possibly the biggest upside to buying real estate in Montana is its never-ending recreation activities.

Fantastic for both children and adults, Montana is home to an abundance of engaging and healthy activities. You can take advantage of Montana’s large mountains with world-class skiing. With well over ten resorts, you’re never far removed from hitting the slopes. In the summer, when the snow melts, you can still take advantage of the mountains with mountain biking.

Rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking are all fantastic options that take full advantage of the Montana wilderness. If you are looking for less physically strenuous activities, snowshoeing and bird watching are thriving hobbies in Montana.

If you lean more towards spending less time outside, Montana still provides great options. With a rich literary history, Montana has an abundance of bookstores perfect for cuddling up with a book and watching nature from the safety of the shelter. Livingston is a small city near Yellowstone that is home to more professional writers, per capita, than San Francisco.

What Are You Waiting For?

Montana will not always be the undisturbed, natural goldmine that it is today. There is no better time than now to invest in real estate in Montana. Make the decision and own your dream getaway.

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