Exiting a Timeshare: Here’s Why You Need an Attorney


Selling or exiting a timeshare often proves to be more complicated and prone to legal technicalities than selling your home.

That is why someone like the ACA Group would be worth turning to for comprehensive professional guidance. You don’t want to sign any sort of sale contract or agree on a deal in principle until you have explored all of your options and know that all of your options have been explored and your position has been suitably protected.

Here are some compelling reasons for asking a suitably qualified attorney to help you with your timeshare sale.

A changing landscape means you need to be savvy when you sell

The timeshare industry is always evolving. That is especially true in recent times. There have been some notable changes that have impacted how timeshare exits are achieved.

Firstly, the timeshare resale market has seen a virtual tsunami of listings. There are thousands of timeshare resales currently being offered. That means you will have to compete aggressively to find a buyer and take the right approach.

How you sell your timeshare and the price you ask will have a major bearing on how successful you are in achieving a sale.

The second notable change in the industry is that timeshare transfer options have suffered a number of punitive restrictions in recent times.

If you are not able to transfer your timeshare so easily it leaves you with limited options when it comes to how you settle or cancel your timeshare contract.

These notable changes in the timeshare landscape are valid reasons for getting sound legal guidance so that you know exactly what your best options are.

The best way to negotiate a settlement

Another key point to consider is that negotiating the right settlement or cancellation agreement is a negotiating skill that requires industry experience and legal know-how.

If you get an attorney to represent your interests it will often enhance your prospects of exiting your timeshare as expediently and advantageously as possible.

Your attorney will take the time to review all of your contractual obligations and evaluate your exit strategy based on what the terms of the contract allow.

You will not be surprised to learn that many timeshare contracts are notoriously lengthy and complicated. You could take a cynical view that some timeshare operators do this deliberately to dissuade you from exiting and make it as hard as possible for you to achieve this aim.

There are several highly plausible reasons why you might need to exit your timeshare contract and remove yourself from any future obligations. 

You could be experiencing financial hardship, for instance. Whatever your circumstances and reason for wanting to sell your timeshare or extricate yourself from any ongoing financial commitment, it makes sound sense to get an attorney to help you with your contract negotiations.

Make sure you talk to someone with specific timeshare contract experience. They will know how to thoroughly review your contract and provide accurate guidance regarding your exit options.

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