Exam-Labs Presents: Easy Steps for Passing VMware 2V0-751 Certification Exam


The VMware 2V0-751 exam is designed to evaluate one’s skills and knowledge in installing, configuring, and implementing the VMware Horizon environment that is deployed on VMware vSphere implementation. The candidates who are able to demonstrate skills and knowledge across the VMware Horizon and vSphere domains are awarded the VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility VCP7 (VCP7-DTM) certification.

Exam objectives for VMware 2V0-751

Before attempting the exam, it is recommended that you acquire the skills and knowledge that are required to administer the VMware vSphere and VMware Horizon environments. To equip the students with these skills and knowledge, VMware has highlighted seven different sections of exam content that the candidates should develop competence in before writing this certification test. These sections cover a wide range of objectives that focus on the core domains of the exam. It is crucial that you go through them before you start your preparation. Details of these objectives can be found in the study guide available at the official webpage of VMware 2V0-751. The highlights of these seven sections involve configuring and installing Horizon server components; configuring and creating pools; administering and configuring VMware Mirage; managing and configuring Identity Manager and User Environment Manager; managing App volumes; and configuration of vRealize operations.

Target audience for VMware 2V0-751

The candidates for VMware 2V0-751 currently have the fundamental knowledge in vSphere administration and implementation. These individuals have the typical skills in vSphere, which include configuring host storage and network, creating and administering VMs, working with HA, DRS, and other cluster-associated vSphere features. The test takers should have 6-12 months of hands-on experience working on VMware Horizon. Experience in configuring and installing View, Workspace, Mirage, and sustaining the Horizon environment is also very crucial for this exam. Additionally, the students may have other industry recognized technology credentials or their equivalent experience, usually between two and five years.

Preparation tips for VMware 2V0-751

Now, let us look at some tips that will help you pass the VMware 2V0-751 certification exam with less stress.

  • Understand the exam objectives

The first thing to do for your preparation is to get the exam objectives for the VMware 2V0-751 certification test. Read and analyze them in detail. These objectives highlight the various topics that the candidates should study and understand before writing the exam. Thus, it is crucial that you concentrate on the objectives when learning for the test. You can find them on the exam webpage. The test is made up of 76 questions, and the students have a total of 120 minutes to complete them. The passing score is 300 on a scale of 500. To register for VMware 2V0-751, you have to pay the exam fee of $250.

  • Use excellent study resources

There are numerous study resources that you can access. Depending on your study preference, you can choose the various forms of materials that are available. There are books, which you can buy in different formats, exam dumps that are available at Exam-Labs, and etc. You can also consider registering for online courses in one of the reputable and certified training platforms online. It is important to mention that many of these courses are paid. Therefore, you need to put this into consideration when choosing your preparation materials. You can also take an in-center training course, which is available as traditional classes. For those professionals who cannot take time off their work to attend a traditional class, the online classes are great options. They are self-paced and flexible, which gives you the opportunity to take them at your convenience.

  • Develop practical experience

The VMware 2V0-751 exam requires some level of experience. Therefore, take time to practice with the software and labs recommended in the training guide. This will equip you with the needed knowledge and skills for your test. There are some other websites that offer the platform to work on labs. If you can find any of them, you should consider signing up for them. When developing your lab experiences, it is recommended that you separate the time for lab practice from the regular training classes. This will help you improve a holistic expertise in the exam content and the exam-labs.com process.

  • Take practice tests

Your exam preparation is not complete without practice tests. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to check your preparedness is to answer real exam questions. There are many reputable platforms online offering them for the candidates. For example, you can check Exam-Labs. With practice tests, you are able to evaluate your knowledge and skills prior to the exam, and you can easily work on your weak areas before the real test. Consider taking exam dumps offered on Exam-Labs.


When preparing for your VMware 2V0-751 exam, it is very crucial that you follow the study guide. You should have it at hand and refer to it regularly. All the topics you need to study before your certification test are well detailed in the guide, so you can easily note areas you have learnt and the ones you need to work better on. Besides, try as much as possible to read thoroughly. Do not restrict yourself to few materials. Use as many resources as you can find to study the exam topics. This will give you different perspectives to the themes and help you have a comprehensive understanding. While going through materials, try to take notes of key points. It will be difficult to go over all the topics again.Therefore, by taking notes you have detailed information to refer to during your revision time. Many resources you use come with practice tests. Visit the Exam-Labs website to find the best ones. Take practice tests to evaluate how well you have understood the information.

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